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09cc0-5onfriday-logooption1Hey friends,

What a great week to link up for Five on Friday!

It’s Half Term & usually me & holidays don’t get on but this week has been amazing. As a stay at home Mum I’m with my children most of the time, but with my eldest at preschool 3 mornings we’ve gotten into a really great term-time routine.  Being a routine led family means holidays usually throw us out of kilter a little.

With SH starting school in September & SB going to preschool in January there isn’t much time left to spend with them together as little children.  Next year he’ll be different, good different I’m sure, but School will change things. So with only 3 months left to really enjoy having my little boy with me before he becomes a schoolboy, I’m determined to cherish every moment. So here have been our highlights this Half Term week:

O N E – Weston-Super-Mare // Grand Pier


We spent our Bank Holiday Monday in Weston.  I had great memories of going to the pier as a child with my late grandparents.  In fact my only memory of the day is of me sat in a ball pool & absolutely loving it!  It was quite fitting then, to go to the Grand Pier only to spend most of the time in the soft play, the kids in the ball pool & having a great time!

We went on the beach too & had a donkey ride, this is retro seaside fun at it’s best, but our favourite bit was definitely being on the pier.  I think I might just love piers now.

T W O – Fairytale Trail // Yeovil County Park

We love adventures in our family so when my bestie Roberta invited us along with her girls Miss F & Baby H to a Fairytale Trail at our local Country Park, we jumped at the chance to get out for some fresh air fun.

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The route took us through the beautiful park, past streams & waterfalls with clues at each wooden ‘fairytale’ point.  I’d forgotten how high up Ninesprings got! I wouldn’t recommend it with a buggy, thankfully Roberta had baby H in a sling.

We had a great time & the kids who have known each other since babies got on so great.

T H R E E – Ferne Animal Sanctuary

Our friends Kathryn, Master S & Miss J invited us to an animal sanctuary on Thursday, we’d never been to Ferne Animal Sanctuary so it was great to go there with someone who had been before. Again, it was great to be out in fresh with animals & nature.



The kids loved the oversized musical instruments & of course all the animals.  We saw pigs, geese, ducks, chipmunks, chickens, donkeys, & the cats that are up for adoption.  One of them looked exactly like our cat Copper!


F O U R – Weymouth, Dorset // Fish & Chips We love the beach, not so much being on the beach at the moment (with SB still bolting, any situation where there are a lot of people & an opportunity to lose her brings me out in a cold sweat) but we do love being beside the sea. We’re going down en masse with Jon’s family today to the Malboro for the best fish & chips on the harbour!

F I V E – Farmer Palmer’s

The week will round out with a party for Miss F’s 5th birthday at Farmer Palmer’s near Poole.  I can’t quite believe she is 5.

Roberta & I have become so close since we met just before SH was born & Miss F was only weeks old. We’ve been twice to the farm before, it’s so great for kids, we’ll be taking a change of clothes & a towel for our kids for the splash area. SB especially can sniff out water at 100 paces.

I’m looking forward to meeting Miss F’s other friends too.  It will be great fun.

So there’s our Half Term, I hope yours has been great too if you’ve had your little one’s with you.  I’m feeling quite emotional writing this today. The time is going so fast now, I wish I could stop time.

Thank you to everyone who have made our half term so wonderful.

Don’t forget to visit my sweet hostess April, who is holding the FOF linky reins for the Summer!

Lizzie XO

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