Five on Friday 25.10.13

This week has been hectic in a lot of ways! So you’d think I’d have loads to talk about, but what with being up in the nights with the sweet babes my little mind seems to have imploded a little.

Apologies in advance if this post is a bit sketchy, I hope it makes sense!

With thanks again to April, Christina, Darci & Natasha


1. Truly Madly Baby Cotswolds

This lovely company was bought to my attention to their newest consultant Claire.

Claire is married to an old travelling buddy of mine, & together they have a gorgeous little girl.

I was invited to link up to a virtual party on Facebook, & I found it really easy to converse with Claire online so I could ask all my questions while I made my purchases.

Take a look at her website for a truly diverse range of toys and quality baby goods!

I bought a lot of Christmas gifts from Claire so I won’t share those, but here’s a pic of one gift that I just couldn’t save, a little organic rattle shaped little a mushroom! It was given to my little gem immediately on opening!!!


I was really happy with my purchases, thank you Claire!

2. Soundtrack to Life

I’ve always listened to music as a way of motivating me.  This week I just can’t get enough of these little gems; Ellie Goulding ‘Anything Could Happen’ & Katy Perry ‘Roar’

What’s the soundtrack to your life at the moment?

3. Family Wedding

We’ve got a big family wedding coming up tomorrow! We’re so excited to see my Uncle marry his bride!

It’s going to be so amazing to see my whole family in one place, it doesn’t happen very often these days now all the cousins are grown up & most with families of our own.  I’m hoping for a good old catch up, some British people would call it a good old natter!

The weather hasn’t been great this week so we’re hoping & praying it’s an amazing day for them tomorrow, especially as the Reception is in a marquee! Will let you know!!

4. Master H’s Autumn Walk


I went along on my son’s Autumn Walk with Preschool yesterday & we had such a lovely time walking through the leaves while the Preschool teachers explained how the leaves decay & turn into soil! & just LOOK at his little vissy jacket!

It’s a simple thing but I just love seeing their little faces taking everything in, to see a world through their eyes, it’s just precious.

5. Weight Watchers Wins – Mini Babybel Light

Ok so this doesn’t seem like it should make me that thankful, but I am on Weight Watchers & every Pro Point counts!

I found out this week that a Mini Babybel Light is 1 Pro Point.  A normal Mini Babybel is 2 Pro Points! Since they taste exactly the same, 2 for 1 is maths that works for me!

Whatever you’re thankful for this week, I really hope you have had a great week, & have an even more amazing weekend planned!

Thanks to all who commented on my Five on Friday last week, you guys rock!!

Until the next time friends

Have a great day!

Lizzie xx

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