Five on Friday – 26th September 2014

Hey friends,

How’s your week been?  It’s been a happy & emotional time in the Somerset ranch as our little boy turned 4!!

Here’s my 5 favourite things this week!

O N E – This Guy

Harry 4

Can you believe Master H is 4! Maybe you can, but this Mama can’t.  They always say it flies by, but the days are so long sometimes that it’s hard to think like that.  But now the day has come he is school age, I must admit IT HAS FLOWN BY!

We’re so proud of our sweet, confident, chatty, kind & caring boy!  Reach for the Sky!!

Happy birthday little dude!

T W O – This Guy


 Waving Daddy off on the Screwball Rally 2014

The Screwball rally is underway & as I type hubby is hot-tailing it from Switzerland to Austria on a charity rally with his mate Tom.

You can still sponsor them but I am delighted to say they have now exceeded their target of £3,500!!

jon rally

Here’s the link if you’d like to support them. HERE

T H R E E – Sweet Gifts

I’ve been praying for quite some time for something to do as well as be able to stay at home with the sweet kids.  It’s been a real answer to prayer that Church has asked me on board with their social media team!!  I love blogging & when I started I had no idea where it would lead me.  I just asked that God would guide me & that I would be an encouragement to others, in whatever form that might take.

It’s great for me to feel useful & to have a creative outlet.  Thanking God for this opportunity to serve Him.

F O U R – Pumpkin Spice in back in Starbucks


Yeeps, the PSL is back in Starbucks! It must official be AUTUMN!!!

I’m not a huge fan of latte though (too milky) I much prefer a cappuccino so I’m changing the PSL to the PSC!!!

Always one to be difficult HUH. But on a serious note, people!! you can ask to have your pumpkin spice in whatever coffee you want! You don’t always have to go with the crowd! PSC all the way!!!!

F I V E – Sweet Friends

Since hubs is living it up in Europe I’m here with the kids solitaire & I’m missing him of course!  But with this time comes an opportunity to spend time with others & ask for help (something I’m working on).

I’ve already had a lovely eve with the sweet girls from church & will see more people over the weekend which is usually family time.  It’s good to do things differently every now & again & this trip is our excuse to tip our routine on it’s head for afew days & try new things!

Until the next time friends, have a great day!

Lizzie XO

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday – 26th September 2014”

  1. Thanks, Lizzie,

    … for such a lively blog and all the inspiring news. Will be remembering Jonathan as he weaves his way across Europe and back.

    Kind regards, David

  2. Wow! What amazing blessings…thanks for sharing them Lizzie. Lovely to spend time with you and the kiddlies today x

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