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Hey friends,

It seems an age since I’ve done a Five on Friday & I have so much more than five things to be thankful for.  I’m loving so much at the moment & I could list five products or five amazing gifts, but for me it’s all about experiences & people, rather than ‘things’.

It’s really experiences, feelings, events in time & the people we share them with, these are the ‘things’ that bring me real joy.


1. SH starting School

This has to get the biggest thing on my mind at the moment & it might seem strange that SH starting School would bring me joy.  Don’t worry it brings about lots of emotions & feelings, but we have found the school we believe is the perfect fit for our boy.  He will be 5 very soon & he is so ready for it.  We feel so fortunate to live in a country that provides free education, so although we will miss him (of course), we also know the opportunity to go & learn & make amazing friendships is an amazing experience that not every child gets to do.

It’s also no secret that I’ve found the road of motherhood hard at times, motherhood is hard for every parent but it’s also amazing! The highs can be very high & the lows very low, there’s not always a lot of balance in parenthood.  From giving up my job to nearly drowning in tiredness, I was still determined to stay the course, persevere, enjoy the mundane & see my baby boy into School, that time is just around the corner.

SH has finished Preschool, we’re nearly halfway through the Summer break & onto the next adventure.  I couldn’t be more proud of all of us as a family, how we’ve clung together through good times & bad.  I’m proud of myself & so happy that God has built up a perseverance in me & us to be proud of.  Sometimes joy comes out of the hard times.

Most of all I’m proud of our boy, our super, happy, confident & funny boy, whom we adore more than life & bring us so much joy.

2. SB talking more.  In fact she doesn’t pipe down.  Even more than that, she is showing us her personality in abundance.  We were at my parents house for Sunday lunch the other week & afterwards we were all sat in the lounge watching F1 Grand Prix, our little pickle went round all of us in turn with a pencil in one hand & a note pad in the other taking our orders for food & drink, she is 2!

Jon would say for example, “strawberry meringue” & she would trot over to my Dad & repeat what Jon said.  Then my Dad would say “cup of tea please”, she’d nod pretend to write it down & so on.  The cutest thing ever!

Although it will be bittersweet seeing SH into School it will be an opportunity for some Mummy/Daughter time that we haven’t had before.

3. Visiting Churches in our area.  We are so fortunate in our hometown to have some amazing churches & at YCC we have a relationship with lots of the other churches in town.  It’s been awesome to visit some other places & see how God is working in them just as much as our home church.

Me & Jon also went to New Wine 2015 for a day & hung out with both YCC & Vineyard churches, the tag line for New Wine is ‘Uniting thousands to worship One’.  I kind of feel like that about visiting the other churches around our area, we are part of a much bigger family than just our home church & it’s great to realise that.

4. Sweet Baby Bradberry.  I so enjoyed throwing my sister a baby shower & meeting up with dear friends.  My baby sister is having a baby & I got to throw her a party.  I couldn’t be more blessed & baby Bradberry is hopefully gracing us with his/her presence around the 16th!  Praying for a safe & enjoyable time for them as they welcome their precious bundle.

girls together

5. Summer Hols.  I feel so fortunate to have these last few weeks soaking up SH & seeing him thrive.  He has friends, a cheeky sense of humour & we’ve been having a ball this Summer Holidays.  Our best time by far was our trip to London where we took in the Natural History Museum & the London Eye.

London Skyline from the London Eye Me & Jon outside the Natural History Museum in London Me & Kids at the Natural History Museum

We are cherishing these last few weeks with SH as a preschooler, hence the quietness of this space! Sorry to those who have been waiting for a post on this space for quite a few weeks.  I’ll be back more regularly in September!

In case you didn’t know I also edit the blog for our church Yeovil Community Church.  From ministry updates to music & a series on Justice issues; You can check out the blog HERE.

Can we also take a moment to celebrate with these sweet people? My parents Tim & Julie were married on 4th August 1973, they’ve been married for 42 years! I hope we can stay the distance the way you have, you model perseverance, love & wisdom & we love you dearly.

Celebrate with us as we lift up & bless this wonderful couple who we love so much.

Mum and Dad



Lizzie xo

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5 thoughts on “Five on Friday”

  1. Oh wow what a lovely post, so uplifting. It sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for. Congrats to your sister on her imminent arrival, and to your folks on their 42 years 🙂 Here’s to a fab weekend xx

  2. Lovely to read such a positive and real blog. As you know, we have had similar struggles along our way. But I, like you, feel so much joy alongside that struggle.

    I am trying to be present and turn those groundhog day moments into a blessing of another bath with both girls togetger, which won’t last and holding hands, snuggly bedtime lullaby’s, instead of rushing off.

    I’m also trying to slow down in every aspect of my life, be present, be thankful, remind my children to be thankful. Also, to look after myself, I’ve started exercising more (a little!) And give myself time out (I’m still not great at that!).

    My current challenges are cutting back on Facebook, committing to a date night with my hubby and working out how to keep on top of my mountain of ironing!! Any help gratefully received.

    Sorry that was a long reply!!!!

    Well done Lizzie, you’ve come so far xxx

  3. I keep holding on to a quote I heard about the little things being the big things, when you look back. Cherishing the hard times is obviously hard, but I think us parents can all attest to the time going too fast. xo

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