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It’s been YEARS since I’ve written a Five on Friday. And something made me check in on the ladies who ran it and its still going!

Now run by April and Christina, I love that this series is still going strong. I’d love if Natasha and Darci came back. After all 5 on Friday is THE reason I started my blog in the first place. I have these ladies to thank for this online space of mine. I realised that these blog posts I enjoyed reading could in fact be written by me and enjoyed by you. And I could link up with 4 (at the time) amazing kick-ass bloggers and be part of a bigger world-wide-web community. I was sold AND I haven’t looked back.

Check out my first cringeworthy 5 on Friday blog post, I love it! How I’ve progressed since then, so great to look back and see how far I’ve come.

Fast forward (nearly) 6 years (YIKES) and I thought it was about time I reintroduced 5 on Friday. It’s the most fun post to write, and hopefully read.

ONE – Hitting 13.4k on Love for Somerset

Honestly, we cannot believe the phenomenal success of our hub on Instagram. Since starting work on Love for Somerset well over a year ago the hub has grown from just over 6k to over double that. It staggers us.

As does the level of photography we see. Our Instagram grid is astounding in beauty and perspective.

Our website is now LIVE and brimming with Somerset blog posts to inspire and inform. Go check it out!

TWO – Interviewing acts at BST Hyde Park supporting Celine Dion

Interviewing the support acts for London Mums was a career highlight

When I started this blog I could not, in a squillion, trillion years imagine it would lead to me interviewing creative folk like Jazz Morley, Kerri Watt, Anoushka Lucas, The Adelaides, The Wandering Hearts and Alice Chater. Read my round up of BST Hyde Park with Celine Dion on London Mums.

All were supporting Josh Groban and Celine Dion at BST Hyde Park, an epic open air concert in the Royal Park in London. Seeing Celine Dion gave me all the feels. I’ll never forget it as long as I live.


You may have read my post about going sober. Well here we are again. New sober date 18.04.19.

After trying and failing to moderate, I decided enough was enough and knocked the booze on the head once and for all on 18th April while on a disastrous trip to Ibiza and after a bottle of cheap rose.

The first few weeks of sobriety were shakey for sure. Whether an alcoholic or giving up for lifestyle reasons, withdrawals will affect everyone. Not just withdrawals from booze, but also from suppressing emotions. They come out at the most inconvenient of times. I have been SO grumpy and honestly it’s only now I’m at 3 months sober that things seem to be looking up. Obviously I’ve been happy to be hangover free for 3 months, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. Not at all.

I’m loving rediscovering who I am without alcohol to prop me up and make me more ‘fun’. I decided at 17 that the meek shy girl wasn’t ever going to be popular or fun. So alco-pops helped me along. Defining who I am again with no where to hide is actually very liberating. This is me, naked! Not actually naked Dad! hehe


O.M.G I am so frickin’ excited about our Lake Garda trip plans. After Ibiza I was super nervous to book another trip. Jon has headed up this one, much to my relief. We’re staying in a EuroCamp on the waters edge and my Mum is coming with us. ROADTRIP!

We’re hoping to visit Verona (swoon) and Pisa. My Grampy visited Pisa when he was in the navy and we have a photo of him in his uniform with the Tower of Pisa. I can’t wait to stand where he stood and think of him.

The kids are so excited about driving through the alps and Jon’s done a great job organising the journey. We’re going on the EuroTunnel and it’ll take 2 days to drive to Lake Garda. We’ll stop off in Strasburg on the way.


I hate camping. There I said it. We’ve tried time and again to like it, but we just don’t. Give me a hotel, a restaurant, a static caravan, anything with 4 walls and a roof. Heated swimming pool and a kids club and I’m in. The EuroCamp place we’re staying has chalets and that’s about as basic as we go these days. I’m so extra. Ha!

We’re selling our camper van and sticking with Phillipe our vintage renault for local adventures.

Do you have any fun trips planned? Let me know your exciting plans in the comments.

Have a great weekend whatever you’re doing.


Lizzie XOXO

2 thoughts on “Five on Friday”

  1. So proud of you Lizzie, following your insta account on Love Somerset too: stunning. Love reading how happy and confident you are, what matters is us making the right decisions for us be it saying ‘no’ to camping or abstaining from alcohol. I didn’t realise until recently but wheat was swelling my throat (I imagined it was prolonged issues post-op). Stopped it and sleeping well and no problems. Tested it yday and had a terrible night. Congrats on your interviews and everything on the blog and social, hope to see you soon, love V xx

  2. Thank you so, so much Vicki for following my journey on here and Love for Somerset. Your support and friendship mean the world. So true, with any health realisations and a-ha moments it takes us closer to a healthier, happier version of ourselves. That’s what abstaining from alcohol has done for me and its become a blessing in so many ways. Love interviewing people and read your interviews for inspiration. love L xoxo

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