Five on Friday – It’s Been Awhile

Oh Five on Friday, how I’ve missed you!


Did you know that this simple series was the inspiration I needed to start my blog?  I first came across a blog called Hello! Happiness a couple of years ago when looking for quotes & visuals for a home group session on happiness.

As I started reading through these blogs, with the girls sharing their lives & loves online, I just felt so inspired to share my love of the simple things in life with you all.  Check out April, Christina, Darci & Natasha too!

Did you also know it takes me about 2 hours to produce each post?  If you know how awful I am at organising my time you’d know that means each one is a little miracle!!

Here are my FIVE loves recently:


rhonna heart

Oh I do love a celebration, my sweet Grampy turned 101 !!!  We had an afternoon tea party at the family farm, it was so great to see my uncles, aunts, cousins & little second cousins.

My sister & bro in law were down for the party too which was on Rosie’s actual birthday, I made her a funfetti cake & got her gifts from Monsoon, I love their accessories & stationery I think they always make great gifts!

My little Sweet Bea turned 2 beginning of March, we threw her a sweet confetti themed party.

I found a great little online party shop called Pretty Little Party Shop where I got the Tablecloth, Straws, Bottles, Napkins, Plates, Gold Stickers, Vintage Paper Bags.  I loved how the party turned out.

funfetti party

sb funfetti party


sb birthday cake

I had a board on Pinterest for Sweet Bea’s birthday, I just loved the whole funfetti idea.  So colourful & vibrant just like beabea.

I made her a funfetti cake from this Betty Crocker cake mix & used Betty Crocker vanilla icing! For the bright pink middle I used Kool Aid to flavour my icing with cherry.  It was delicious! Thanks to Christina at Carolina Charm for the ideas.

For gifts we kept it fairly minimal, a ride on mouse, a bouncy ball, a pull-a-long trailer, a VTec Princess Sofia keyboard & a Makka Pakka toy with belly that changes colour!


My girl has the sweetest curls, but I’ll be honest it’s sometimes hard harnessing them!  I saw these scrunchies & slides at Joules & loved them.  Jury’s out as to whether she’ll keep them in more than 5 mins!

sb curls

For her tresses we use a great brush my parents got her for her birthday called a Tangle Teezer, thoroughly recommend this product, not one tear for a tangle so far!



I already have an OXO Tots bowl from when I was weaning SH so when they got in touch to review a bowl & spoons, I knew I already loved the brand! We still use the bowl as it has a weighted base & the size is still right for him as SH hasn’t got a massive appetite.

This divided bowl arrived & I thought it looked a little small, not necessarily a bad thing, it is perfect for stage 2 weaning which we’re past now Sweet Bea is 2.

What I like is how versatile the bowl is, it comes with interlocking bits that turn it into more of a bowl for weaning & a lid to store leftovers!  Again, it’s weighted base keeps the bowl grounded & it’s non slip.  Really compact & easy to take out & about! I’m chuffed with it.

sb oxo tots tester

Seeing as Sweet Bea’s preferred method of feeding is her fingers I can’t really say how good the spoons are, I was impressed with the lightweight & innovative covering on the spoon though, metal against those little teeth is not right is it?! I like how they look & they’re easy to keep clean, as is the divided bowl set.

I’ll be honest I would have been thrilled if I could have had these when I was in the later stages of weaning but I’m still very happy to have these in my cupboard & I know we’ll use them.  For use from 6+ months, great quality/durability, love.


Oh sweet friends a little while ago I talked about having a brick wall up about hospitality, if you prayed for me (you legends!) thank you!!  I downloaded the She Reads Truth bible study on hospitality & it spoke to me.  Well, one quote really spoke to me.  ‘Hospitality is not about opening your door, it’s about opening your heart’.

SRT Hospitality

It really is as simple as that.. isn’t it??

Until the next time friends have a great day!

Lizzie xo

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