Floral Crown Workshop at Hauser & Wirth ahead of Garden Day May 12th

Floral Crown Workshop at Hauser & Wirth, Somerset

Last weekend the kids and I headed to a floral crown workshop, at Hauser & Wirth, Somerset, designed to promote Garden Day coming up on Sunday 12th May.

With Jon away delivering school bags to schools in deprived areas of Romania for School in a Bag, I needed something to distract us, and floral crowns seemed a beautiful distraction. Taking my Dad too, made the day really special. I’m a typical daddy’s girl and a whole day out with him and the kids was bliss.

Haven’t heard of Garden Day?

Garden Day is a chance for people across the country to down tools and spend some quality time celebrating their gardens with neighbours, family and friends. Anyone and everyone can take part, regardless of age, or the size of their garden.

Families enjoy making floral crowns, ahead of Garden Day 2019

Supporting Garden Day

Supporting Garden Day are some notable faces including, Roth Bar & Grill executive chef Steve Horrell, who recently donned a floral crown of his own at the Physic Gardens in Chelsea with Sabrina Ghayour amongst others.

Check out the Garden Day Instagram for more floral goodness for the eyes! Some the crowns are gloriously extravagant and all are unique to the individual.

I think we should all spend more time outdoors, enjoying and being inspired by our gardens. That’s why I’m supporting Garden Day.

Steven Horrel, exec chef Roth Bar & Grill

Our crowns didn’t quite measure up to Steve and co, and we gave it our best shot especially since we battled some pretty freezing conditions – in May!

Floral crown workshop - girl in green coat wearing a floral crown on her head
Floral crown at Hauser and Wirth, Somerset
Wearing our floral crowns at Hauser and Wirth, Somerset
Floral crown workshop

Thankfully hot choc in Roth Bar & Grill were at hand to warm up the children. Harry and Katie LOVED making and wearing the floral crowns and, surprisingly, wore them for ages.

Generously, the workshop was completely FREE. Held in the courtyard outside the art gallery, among fragrance from the blooms and folk having brunch and coffee.

We were led by the helpers to choose three flower stems from the vast array of flowers on offer. Purposefully, choosing stems with lots of flowers on we were also able to ‘steal’ some leftovers from the table too, where folk had made their crown and discarded the rest; it’s a great way to use leftover blooms. I love gypsophila or ‘baby’s-breath’ so added some to my crown. I also chose a beautiful large tulip bloom as one of my three.

Lizzie Somerset with her floral crown ahead of Garden Day

This activity attracted every type of person, young, old, men, women, children and whole families. One mum came with her grown up daughter. Anyone who has a love of flowers and gardens. Even our canine friend wanted a sniff of the action.

Garden and dog lovers make floral crowns ahead of Garden Day Sunday May 12th

Flower/Floral Crown Tutorial

Helpers were on hand to teach attendees how to tie the ivy and raffia. We chose three flowers each to make our floral crowns. If you want to have a go, watch this step by step You Tube tutorial! Make sure to tag your creations with #GardenDay @gardendayuk

Floral Crown Workshop at Hauser & Worth, Somerset | Lizzie Somerset

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