Our gardens reward us with so much. And yet we often take them for granted and don’t give them the time they deserve. A little more time and energy could give you a space that not only looks beautiful but helps your mental health and engages your children.

Here’s a few fresh ideas to give your garden a much-needed glow-up this summer:

Use decking to create an oasis

Garden decking is often used as a space to socialise. But it’s also great for creating a calm oasis. With the right seating and plenty of planting, it can be the perfect chill-out zone. If decking prices seem a bit steep, keep it compact or use reclaimed wood. And installing it yourself will save on labour costs.

Introduce screening to create zones

Screens are a great way to add zones to your garden and can help make your garden look bigger than it is. You can use a range of materials, from metal to wood such as bamboo, willow and brushwood. Screens only need to stretch out partway across the garden on alternating sides, so you create the effect of winding your way through the zones.

Plant a tree

If you’ve got young children, why not plant a tree so your kids can watch it grow with them? You don’t necessarily need a large garden as there are plenty of compact varieties to choose from. Just don’t plant it too close to the house or where it will block windows or daylight. Trees with blossom and fruit are great for teaching children about the seasons and adding extra colour to the garden too.

Turn an old shed into a new summer house

Many of us have an unused shed just rotting away at the bottom of the garden. But if it’s still a solid enough structure, why not remove the door and open it out to create a summer house or shelter? Paint it up in light, bright colours and decorate it with benches, cushions and bunting for a vintage or country style makeover.

Add outdoor lights

Outdoor lights add a lovely, magical sparkle to gardens in the evening. A long length of festoon lights will look great strung along fences or amongst the branches of trees. And solar uplighters are great for staking into beds and borders to highlight some of the best plants, shrubs and trees. Whilst solar lanterns are ideal for hanging from branches and hooks or sitting as a centrepiece on outdoor tables.

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