Friendship that Brightens


I have some really amazing friends in my life. Each & every one blesses me in some way.

You’ll be sure to hear about my friends over time, but for now I’d like to introduce you to one of my oldest & dearest friends.

Around for the longest & such a gem, meet Helen!

Helen is the type of girl who radiates & brightens a room, so much so her nickname is Belle. Her friends & family know she’s lovely inside & out.

Working for the last couple of years as Account Manager on the Clarins Counter in our local department store (Beales), Helen has been sure to pass on some skincare knowledge & love of the range to me.

The items I purchase every time, are the moisturiser Multi Active Jour & fragrance. I first came across the fragrance Eau Dynamisante 12 years ago, I was given it as a gift to take with me when I travelled for a year to Australia.

I went in the October & carried it around with me unopened until Christmas morning! By then I was in Sydney in blazing sunshine!

The fragrance always takes me back to sunshine & relaxation, we had our Christmas on the beach that day!

My hubby always knows what to get me for birthdays/Christmas gifts if I’ve nearly run out! It’s always handy for a bloke to have those ‘go to’ gifts that will always go down well & he knows Helen will look after him & guide him.

Because I bought some items the other day I got gift (buy two items, one to be skincare, & choose three gifts for free) & one of the ‘gifts’ I chose was the Baume Beaute Eclair Beauty Flash Balm, & this is the product I want to share with you today! It’s amazing!!

It instantly brightens my skin, I used it yesterday as I didn’t want to wear a full face of make up. I used it instead of my foundation.

I’ve also used it on an evening out, when I didn’t want to reapply my foundation. I just used Beauty Flash Balm & topped up my blusher & I was good to go!

The balm instantly makes my skin brighter & look less tired! A trick all tired mama’s need to know.

The gifts were all a really good size too, perfect for a Christmas gift maybe!

As well as getting great skincare & advice, you’ll also be welcomed with that warm winning smile!

Clarins gift is on until 12th October in Beales Department Store, Yeovil.



Until the next time friends.

Have a great day!

Lizzie xx

Nb This post is not sponsored & all thoughts & opinions on this post are entirely my own. L xx

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