A fun Style Session with Lindsay Punch Styling

Hey friends,

I am so excited to introduce you guys to Lindsay Punch Styling.


I reached out to Lindsay after following her on Instagram (her gorgeous feed is a must follow) and realising she lived nearby.  As women with small children in business we connected straight away, and during a cappuccino and a chin wag in Costa it’s fair to say that we became firm friends.

A stylist since 2001, Lindsay has worked for such revered brands as Ralph Lauren, Harrods and Zara so she really knows her stuff.

Lindsay started her own business, Lindsay Punch Styling, after having her two daughters and swapping their glamourous life in London for family life in the countryside.

Using her wealth of experience Lindsay helps both men and women to declutter their wardrobes and become comfortable and confident buying and wearing the clothes they love with renewed knowledge.

Lindsay says “I’ve rarely been late to fashion’s newest ‘must have’ items. Living and breathing fashion retail since 2001 has seen to that. I’ve had the joy of working with Zara and French Connection, with designers like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton at Harrods, and with Ralph Lauren. From shop windows, to private clients, to ‘papped’ celebs, I’ve dressed a very long list of wonderful clients.”

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She goes on to say “I started Lindsay Punch Styling in 2015 to carry on doing what I love doing, working with real men and women to create effortless style, build confidence and help others feel great about how they look.”

We all have colours that bring out our natural skin tone and others that will detract from it.  Wearing the wrong colour palette will make dark circles darker and our skin look sallow and lacklustre.  As a busy and tired mama I really don’t want to be emphasising my dark circles, does anyone?

As someone who is short and curvy I have always struggled with buying clothes, even in petite ranges.  Especially when it comes to leg lengths in jeans and trousers.  I have short legs, a small waist and big hips bust and bum.  So I’m not necessarily a typical petite.

I also find normal sized tops too long for me and the tips Lindsay gave me all made perfect sense for my body shape, height and colour-way.  Below is a step-by-step guide of our Style Session.



Lindsay laid out all of the options which are categorised into seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter.  She sat me in natural light next to my window and in turn draped the seasons one by one close to my face and then moved them away again.

I could see in the mirror the subtle changes to my skin tone which made it quite clear the winner was AUTUMN.  I was really pleased with that because I love plum colours and adding in rich jewel tones and navy made me very happy indeed.

Lindsay also suggested colours like mustard and khaki which I’ve not been a fan of in the past, and when I saw the difference in my skin wearing those colours I was sold.

Once I knew my colours it was time to move on to my wardrobe overhaul.  My wardrobe was a mess and Lindsay kindly told me she’d seen worse.  Thankfully I already had some colours that suited me in my wardrobe.



The wardrobe overhaul is about keeping what works for us so we don’t look at your wardrobe and say ‘I have nothing to wear’ ever again.  Wearing something we truly love and feel confident in trumps everything.

Lindsay very quickly worked through my wardrobe and consulted with me every step of the way to make suggestions of what to KEEP, what to give away to CHARITY or SELL.  She will never make anyone get rid of something really loved even if it’s not in your colours.

Once we had decided what to keep Lindsay  arranged my clothes in my wardrobe into type, not colour, which I always thought was the right way to do it.  There’s a reason I’m not a stylist  It makes perfect sense though doesn’t it? To have tops together and so on.  It felt wonderful to have a clutter free wardrobe.


My transformed wardrobe!


Some tips that Lindsay gave me on the day (as a hourglass, petite, and curvy lady with autumn colours).

•Wear the same colour tights and shoes as your skirt to give the illusion of longer leg length

•Cowl necks on bigger busts are too fussy and create volume

•Wear v neck or neck lines that are not too high, which make the bust look bigger

•Go shorter in skirt length and never go longer than the knee

•High waisted jeans add length and are comfortable on the tum

•Wear earth Tones  (browns, mustards, oranges, khaki and muted greens, peaches and tomato red)

•Avoid black and white, pinks, silver and bright tones around my face.

•Use Khaki, beige, cream and camel as a neutral base colour

•Gold suits he yellow undertone of my skin tone better than silver

•Opt for Vertical stripes instead of horizontal to length the body

I can’t stress how much I learnt in a few short hours with Lindsay and she has always been on hand since with any questions I might have.  Her knowledge and experience is crystal clear.  Working with such well known and trusted brands coupled with Lindsay’s lovely persona makes for an enjoyable and informative time with that will last a lifetime.  We also had a lot of fun doing it.


This scarf was a gift from a friend travelling around Sri Lanka.  Lindsay showed me how to tie it and wear it differently.  I love it!


I received an autumn fabric colour swatch to carry in my bag to aid me while I’m shopping.   After our time together Lindsay pulled together a personalised Style Guide full of ideas with look books and images for inspiration in my colours and style.

Also included was a list of items missing from my wardrobe and suggested brands that could work for me including ethical brands which is really important to me.  The guide was in line with my budget as discussed with Lindsay.

I was assigned a celebrity style icon OLIVIA PALERMO, as someone to gain inspiration from with the same body shape and colours as me.

Lindsay included a whole page about how to wear my beloved breton stripe!

I now have a plethora of information at my disposal which I can use at any time to make wise and informed choices.  This is going to save me money in the long run and I’m excited to be on the journey to a wardrobe and style that I love.


I would recommend Lindsay Punch Styling to anyone who needs a helping hand with their wardrobe.

Lindsay offers one-to-one consulting, make up and skincare, personal shopping and style classes for larger groups.  She will even do your shopping for you, making orders and returns on your behalf which sounds like heaven to me.  For those of you who hate shopping this is a god-send.

“My style sessions are tailored to you, your style needs, time and budget. And we have a lot of fun along the way!”

You can contact Lindsay on her FACEBOOK PAGE follow on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM too, you’re in for a treat with her fabulous feed.  She also has gift vouchers available for that perfect gift.

with love


*Sponsored.  I was given a full colour & shape analysis and wardrobe overhaul in return for this review.  As always words and opinions are my own and honest.



18 thoughts on “A fun Style Session with Lindsay Punch Styling”

  1. I’ve had a personal shopper before which was great to get advice on shapes, colours and styles, but what a great idea to get someone to come to your home and sort it out. #sharethejoylinky

  2. This looks like so much fun – I would love to have an overhaul of my wardrobe too! I always tend to stick to the same colours x

  3. Oh I really need Lindsay in my life! My wardrobe is so eclectic, I have no idea what colours I should be wearing and I want need to start dressing better! Just off to check in case you happen to be local to me

  4. My sister and I paid for our Mum to have her ‘colours done’ a few years back and it was really interesting! This sounds like an amazing experience, I could do with having someone hold my hand and walk me through the whole process of working out what actually suits me! x

  5. I really appreciated the hand holding and guiding Lindsay gave me, sometimes it’s good to look at ourselves through someone else’s eyes to really see our own potential xo

  6. Have you got the book by Marie Kondo? I find de-cluttering like therapy! I breathe a huge sigh of relief when things I no longer love or need are taken out of my home. Have a wonderful New Year Stevie xo

  7. Oh I hear you on being an hourglass petite, Lizzie! It can be such a pain to find things that not only fit our luscious boobs, hips, and bums – but also don’t swamp us! This session sounds so much fun. I cleared out my wardrobe, and it’s great to know that whatever I pull out to wear will suit me. You look fabulous in that plum top and skirt xxx

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