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I haven’t done a round-up post in the longest time. I want to write a round-up post. I don’t know why I don’t do them more.  Well I do know, they take me hours to write.

My favourite posts used to be Five on Friday, a linky I joined in with.  And then I got all tied up in knots about running a linky of my own, instead of just enjoying what I was doing.

Running a linky is a massive job, I applaud every blogger who keeps a linky going longer than 5 mins.  I ran City Country Life with Becca for a year or so, and then Share the Joy also for a year.  It is such a massive commitment and I learnt alot.  I’m going to enjoy linking up with other people for awhile.


I started this blog in August 2013 after PND struck me down for the second time.  I was so determined to be more positive and happy.  I didn’t realise it when I started but gratitude + a heavy dose of self care was the cure I needed.

This blog (which turns 5 on 13th August 2018) has helped me immeasurably on my road to being so grateful for my life and everything in it. Did you know though, there have been so many people who have chosen not to encourage me in this process.  So I thought I’d lay down exactly what blogging means to me, in case you thought it was just a passing whimsical thing that I’d do for awhile and then get bored with.


This blog has changed me irrevocably and I am changed for the better.  The people in the blogosphere are the nicest people on earth.  Supportive, encouraging, hard working, tenacious, fierce, happy people (for the most part).  I’ve learnt through blogging sweat and tears the last 5 years that I am capable of so much.


I have interviewed notable entrepreneurs and been invited to a Passion for Somerset Summit.

I was Brand Ambassador for the Yeovil Show their opening year.

I’ve reviewed restaurants such as Ston Easton Park, ASK Italian Taunton and ASK Italian Yeovil.

I’ve been invited to hotel launch nights and rubbed shoulders with Bath’s noble and famous, and attended the biggest book launch of the blogosphere with Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum.

I am a BritMums Round-Up Editor.

I’ve learnt code.

I’m my own PR.

I’ve learnt marketing.

I’ve written for some of the biggest global brands including Braun and VELUX.

I am seen as a prolific blogger in Somerset and in the blogosphere.


My motivation comes from me, from a fire deep within me, and habit keeps me going on the bad days.  I don’t need man’s empty praise anymore and I was such a people pleaser.

I will definitely take encouragement though.  Praise is external, encouragement brings the person on from the inside out.  I’ve learnt that with my kids too, to not just say ‘good job’ but to install a pride in them by saying ‘you must be so proud of yourself, you worked hard on x and because of that you got z, well done!’.  I don’t need ‘likes’ or followers to feel successful.  I am successful because I work my butt off and have made something I’m so proud of.

In fact, I couldn’t be prouder of myself.  I have gone from being a person who hides their light to a person who is completely ‘me’ and shines that light everywhere.


Having my kids was the single biggest thing that changed me, I want to be better for them, to show them that there is a better way.  Staying home with them was by far the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done.  I’ve learnt so much from them.  I’ve learnt that I am capable of making it through the darkest of times, and still be so grateful and on my knees beyond blessed to have these children.  They have shown me that I am resilient, loving, weak, strong, vulnerable and protected.  I’m showing them that hard work + gratitude will take you far in life.

When Katie was 9 months old I started Lizzie Somerset, with the brilliant (!) name chosen because my name is Lizzie and I live in Somerset.  As far as thinking things through, that was the thing I thought about the least.  And yet I am Lizzie Somerset.  A girl who loves her family, God and this gorgeous county we live in.

When I felt I had no choice but to leave my corporate role due to inflexibility in the workplace, I thought I could stay home and just look after the children.  But I found myself so lonely, stuck in brain fog and lost.

I didn’t just choose happy the day I started my blog.  I chose so much more than that.  I chose a positive mindset, which is so much better than happiness.  Because happiness is a fleeting emotion, and mindset stays even in the negative moments.  My children gave me the biggest gift + a new word.


This is a word I made up on my vision board.  GRAMBITIOUS is GRATEFUL + AMBITIOUS because it is OK to be both at the same time.  I love my word and I use it all the time, I would love for others to use it and lets get it in the dictionary.  If chav can make it, then why not grambitious?

How did I change from a negative to a positive mindset? I read books, I listened to podcasts, I watched videos and I got a Life Coach.  I practiced Headspace, I exercised, I did the things I love and I hung out with the people who get me and me them.

I overheard a woman in a cafe once saying”I can’t understand why the likes of Zoella and those YouTubers are role models, what do they even do?” answer, EVERYTHING.  They do all the things to be successful.  They make it look easy, but if it was easy we would all be YouTubers.  I give massive props to Zoella and everyone else who has success in the blogosphere.  It takes hours and hours of work to make it look that easy.

I haven’t earnt a lot but I have learnt a lot

But its also worth saying that success doesn’t necessarily look like earning a ton of money through blogging.  I haven’t earnt a lot, but I have learnt a lot. And since this journey is a never ending lesson, I’ll take that as huge success.  Because by default I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

I have gained so much from blogging, I’m definitely going to do more of it.


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