Is it good to ask questions?

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Growing up I had the impression that asking questions was a bad thing.   That if I had to ask for help with school work or question my elders at all that it would be frowned upon, that it just wasn’t the done thing.  I had to ask myself recently, ‘is it good to ask questions?’

On one level I felt like if I put my hand up in class at school or in the boardroom at my corporate job that I would be made to look stupid, inadequate, a phoney for not knowing something and for asking a silly question.

So I’ve stayed quiet for most of my life.  Until that is, until recently.  Out of my new found confidence I have a thirst for information.

  • How do they do that (and make it look easy)?
  • How did she make her business successful?
  • Who is the better candidate in the presidential election? (don’t get me started)
  • How can I be more organised in the home and in my work life?
  • How can I buy fashion I love without compromising ethics?
  • What does it look like to be a #mumboss?
  • How can I get more veg into my kids?
  • How can I live my life with joy and not stress?

I’ve let the frustration of not trusting information and my fear of asking questions to hold me back, and I’ve realised that it’s only with the flow of information that we can move forwards in life.

I look at my peers and I realise, it’s because they stood up and spoke out that they are now changing the world.  People like Hayley from Downside Up  who is changing perceptions about Down Syndrome and offering support and resources to others; and Leigh Kendall from Headspace Perspective who through her campaigning after losing her baby Hugo to HELLP syndrome is changing how patient’s are cared for in our country.

Up to this point I haven’t shared my views with you, thinking that I had nothing of real worth to share.  It is easy to get sucked in to the lie that everyone else is smarter and better equipped to answer questions.

Yet I’ve come to realise that we all have something of worth to share, a story to tell, a unique perspective and we are all on a journey and have an opinion on something.  By sharing what we know we can all help each other to move forwards, possibly we may even change the world.

I have 6 years worth of parenting under my belt and have lived to tell the tale, I have lived in this world for 40 years, I have worked in the corporate world and now I’m building a business in the creative world.  I run a home and built up this blog, I’ve done all that while suffering with perfectionism, anxiety and at times post natal depression.  I’m a mentor to my kids and my friends and they are to me.

There’s a time to teach and a time to learn, a time to rest and a time to work.

So is it time to say hold on a minute, ACTUALLY, I have something to say?  And lots (and lots) to learn too?

I was talking to my son Harry the other day and he is one of the smartest people I know, his head is always bursting with ideas, it’s not always easy to slow him down when he has 1,000 ideas and thoughts racing through his head.  I swear he will be an entrepreneur one day and it’s gotten to the point where I’ve now bought him a notebook so we can write down all of his questions and projects and dreams.

So far this week alone he wants to start 3 projects using scrap and junk and we’ve called it Project Scrap.

Harry is always talking, always interested and animated, never happier than when he’s learning and asking questions.  How does this work? Why did they do that? What is this called? and so on.

The other day he was asking me loads of questions about how to build a traction engine.  I have NO idea how to build a traction engine, I would think it could take years and years to build one.

Not wanting to dismiss his ideas as being too far fetched (he is 6) I suggested we wrote them all down, I don’t want him to lose his enthusiasm and who knows, maybe one day he will want to do them.  So I asked him ‘what’s the big dream Harry?  What’s your goal?’

‘I want to build something that carries people’.

Isn’t that amazing?  Richard Branson eat your heart out!

My children have taught me LOTS of things over the 6 years of being a mama.  One of those things is that it’s ok to ask questions.  How do they learn unless they do?  I want to create an atmosphere where it is OK to ask questions and give answers.

They’ve also taught me it’s ok if I don’t know the answer right at that very second!  I find myself saying to them ‘no question is too silly’.

Talk about needing to taking my own advice! ha.

Thanks to the web we have access to so much information these days, articles, books, Google and Wikapedia and YouTube How To tutorials; we can find out answers and teach ourselves almost anything these days.

My fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs are my GO TO most trusted sources for business advice and motivation.  Honest and authentic reflections from real people who get me and I them.

It’s ok to have the answers and to pass that wisdom on, and it’s ok to ask questions and to learn something new, it’s what wholehearted living is all about, sharing what we know abundantly and allowing other’s to impact us.  It’s how we shine our light.

I also don’t want to look stupid! SO – I want to ask LOTS of questions, I want to ANSWER lots of questions as honestly as I can and I want to LEARN and TEACH.

Do you feel awkward asking questions? How do you get past it?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Lizzie xo

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