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I LOVE all things stationery.  When my sister Rosie asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said basically, anything from Paper Chase.  When looking for more custom business cards or designs for invitations and such, look no further than Basic Invite.

Imagine my happiness when I found a site that combines my love of stationery with my need for new business cards! I was sold.

Since I’ve changed the blog aesthetic I’ll need to change my business cards to reflect the new logo.  As a business owner I know how important it is to be consistent.  At the moment I still have a stash of my old business cards and if I hand them out at events to brands or PR’s I run the risk of looking unprofessional and sloppy in my approach.

Looking at the styles and options available on the Basic Invite site I was immediately drawn to the clear business cards.  These are on trend and just what I’m looking for.  My logo is fresh and appealing and I need my business cards to reflect that same aesthetic.


custom business cards from Basic Invite


The ability to add personality to a business card is really important as a blogger; our livelihood is our personalities and we can show that in our branding too.

Looking through the card and invite options too, I was really impressed with the range of styles.  My magpie eye was drawn to the pretty foil in gold, silver and rose gold with the option of flat or raised.  Anything sparkly and pretty for this girl!


Customers can choose up to 40 different colour envelopes to match the cards too, which I think is a nifty touch.  It ties in a theme so beautifully.

Also a bonus is customers can request a sample before making a big purchase, which is useful when making decisions about larger orders, such as for a wedding. I appreciate seeing the print and quality and having the option to make changes if needed.

When making our own wedding invitations over 10 years ago there was no option to have matching envelopes and the offering was uninspiring in the wedding invite market.   We decided to buy our own card and decals and envelopes separately.  As much as I enjoyed sitting with my mum and making the invitations, it was time consuming.  If I’d had the choice to custom-make and match my wedding colours (topaz and blush) I would definitely have taken the option!



Looking forward to Christmas too, it’s time for us to think about which family picture we’ll choose for our Christmas card.  We’ve sent custom Christmas cards in the past and our families loved them.  Basic Invite have all occasions covered.

Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with this code : 15FF51

Do you need custom business cards? Which design would you choose? Or how about getting ahead with your personalised Christmas cards this year? Let me know which styles you love.



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Custom business cards from Basic Invite - beautiful and original designs made to order - read my review and get a 15% discount for yourself!


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