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Along with World Vision UK I’m spreading a little message of hope today.

My mission? To post a photograph that means hope to me.  This is the photograph I chose.

Ted & Bill

This is my Grampy (on the right), his name was Ted, he was in the Navy before, during & after WW2.  Also in the photo is his mate Bill (yes Bill & Ted!) I carry this picture around with me in my purse.

I think the reason this photograph gives me hope every time I look at it is the complete look of ease these two have in each other’s company.  They’ve obviously been through a lot together.  I know they were friends for the rest of their lives.

My Grampy never spoke about the war.  My Grandma said it was the worst & best time of their lives.  They lost so many friends that it was unbearable, but also the community & country came together in total unity.

This photo of true friendship fills me with hope for the future, that our grandparents, great-grandparents & even further back have fought for us to live the lives we lead today.

Will you give a message of hope to children in Zambia via World Vision UK today?

World Vision are asking you to help mark the anniversary of the 1984 Ethiopian Famine by signing up to help children in Zambia:

“Join us to grow hope today and we’ll give vulnerable families in Zambia orange maize seeds to ensure children can live a life free from the fear of hunger. These seeds are rich in vitamin A, to help provide children with the nutrition they lack.

Simply complete the form below and you’ll receive a beautiful Grow Hope box. Inside is freshly ground coffee from Ethiopia to share with a friend, and Calendula (marigold) seeds for you to plant, as a reminder of the hope that is being grown in Zambia.”

You can sign up by click this LINK



Lizzie XO

5 thoughts on “Grow Hope | World Vision UK”

  1. What a special photo and story to go with it. Also a great campaign by World Vision too (we did our ‘hope’ post a few weeks back and it brought back lots of memories looking through photos). Love that they were called ‘Bill and Ted’! x

  2. Thanks Rebecca, as soon as I saw the brief I knew which photo I wanted to use. Miss my Grampy so much, but knowing he had the best of friends throughout his life & that he fought for my very freedom today makes me very proud. Lizzie XO

  3. Thanks, Lizzie for highlighting the Ethiopean challenge from World Vision. They do a great job. Have met them in various places overseas and have had friends working with them,. Enjoy catching up through your blog… thanks for maintaining it so well. David

  4. Thanks David, I enjoyed working with World Vision UK on the post. They were a pleasure to work with. I hope lots of people sign up & we never forget the impact even thought it all seems so far removed from our own lives. Lizzie

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