Hans Christian Anderson Book Review

Hans Christian Anderson Book Review


We love our reading in this house, I have a kindle that I read every night for lights out which really helps me wind down before sleep.

The kids too, love their bedtime story routine which we have had since they were babies.  I grew up with parents who read to us and I want to pass that gift on to my own kids.  I hope they will always love reading books.

I may have moved on to the kindle but the kids love their books to hold and see the pictures, as we run our finger along the text to show them how to read for the future.  They love turning the pages themselves.  I know it has helped Master H with his first few weeks at school and it was only a few short weeks before he was reading to his very proud mum and dad himself.


I was sent a book to review by Parragon Books which is full of stories from my own childhood by Hans Christian Anderson.  We all know his stories from growing up, they do not always have a traditional happy ending and I love how the author brings both the sadder aspects of life as well the happy and some gentle life lessons along the way.  It’s a great way to teach the kids about important things in life like vanity “The Emperors New Clothes” and how not to judge a book by it’s cover in “The Ugly Duckling”.

The stories in the book:

  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Fir Tree
  • The Snow Queen
  • The Nightingale
  • The Princess and the Pea
  • The Steadfast Tin Soldier
  • The Storyteller’s Story a biography of Hans Christian Anderson

This treasury is beautiful, hard bound in a deep ‘cadbury’ purple with silver swirls.  The the timeless stories are illustrated in a whimsical and colourful way.  This book would make a lovely gift and I’d say this story book is a keeper, one you would pass down and read to generations as the stories are timeless.  We’re so happy to have it in our library of books.

I have been given this book to review as part of the Book Buddy scheme by Parragon Books, as always all words and opinions are my own.

Lizzie xo


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