Happiness Is…

Do you remember those cute little cherubs with the title ‘Love is…’? I so remember that from my childhood.  70’s child fyi.

What is Love? What is happiness? To a child it is so innocent & so simple.  I think as adults we miss the point an awful lot.

For Master H today the 1st July 2015 HAPPINESS IS…

1.  Parking on the roof & going down the travelator in Tesco’s.

SH Travelator

2. Looking out of the window watching the world go by, a secret hiding place.

SH Window HandM

3. It is peeking out of the clothing rail, hoping you won’t be seen *or have to stay in this shop much longer*!

SH Hiding

4. It is being reunited with your sister after an afternoon apart. Pure joy!

SH SB Together

5. It is making ‘grass toasted sandwiches’, & making ‘a nice grass bed’ for tractor after an afternoon of fun in Grandma’s garden.

Grass Tractor

What is happiness for you?

Make a list of the simple everyday things you are grateful for.  Celebrate your everyday.

Lizzie xo


You Baby Me Mummy

8 thoughts on “Happiness Is…”

  1. Thanks lovely, such a hot day! SH did not enjoy shopping with mummy today, but he enjoyed running rings round me in H&M & hiding every place possible xo

  2. A lovely post Lizzie. It is great that kids find their happiness in the simplest of things. As adults we really need to do this too. Gorgeous photographs. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  3. It’s in gaining perspective of the bigger picture that we realise the good things really are the little things, all added up together. Thanks Leigh xo

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