Happy List – A cyst, a birthday and a meal with far flung family

What a funny thing to make a happy list!

a cyst…

This week a lump that had sat quite happily by the side of my nose decided to start throbbing and swelling and making itself more known.  My happy spin on this? From ringing the doctor’s surgery to having antibiotics in my hand was around 2 hours flat.  We are SO fortunate in this country, we really are.

So although my lips looked like a botox attempt gone wrong, I was feeling myself again in around 2 days and I am so thankful for that.

a birthday…

I was starting to feel myself just in time for my friend Carol’s birthday BBQ.  Thank goodness because I really didn’t want to miss it.  We celebrated with good food and good friends.

a family meal…

Sunday has been fantastic too because our cousin (mums cousin so my second cousin) is over from Canada and we all went out for lunch to the Masons Arms at Lower Odcombe, a family favourite.

We just got to eat together and celebrate her 60th birthday which was lovely.

We took these snaps to include the beautiful Somerset countryside, it was a beautiful sunny day so I’m really pleased with how the photo’s came out.  It was wonderful to see the little cousins (Emma, Harry & Katie) running around together in the field.

I’m wearing a black pom pom dress kindly gifted by my friends at Simply Be.

Joining in with Katy and Sian for Happy Days linky

What Katy Said

6 thoughts on “Happy List – A cyst, a birthday and a meal with far flung family”

  1. I love your linky so thank you for having me Katy! That dress is going to be my go to all summer I think, so comfy. When the sun comes out it’s beautiful here xo

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