Happy Monday

It’s Monday morning again!

Whether you love or loathe the start of the week it’s important for me to at least try & start off the week on a good note.

I try (when I remember!) to pray for the week ahead & that God will go ahead of us.

It’s always been so lovely to have Jon home at the weekend & we miss having him around when he goes off to work on Monday morning.

We thrive on routine & structure in our little ranch though so it’s all okay once we get into our stride!

Looking on Pinterest this morning trying to find some motivational & positive Monday morning pins, I came across these & they made me laugh out loud.

However you feel about Monday I hope these make you smile too!

Have a great Monday morning folks!!

Lizzie xx



Nb. If today isn’t so hot just think ‘tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it’ – Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables xx

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