Whether you’re a part of a bilingual family, looking for a new hobby for your child or your child has shown a keen interest in developing a new language, there’s always a few obstacles children have to manage. And it’s really important for your child to manage these in order to succeed in their new found love for languages.

From French to Japanese, here are some tips to help your child learn a new language from a boarding school in Kent.

Explore different forms of media

A part of a child’s language practice is through repeated exposure to speech and words. Using TV programmes, radio or apps like Duolingo can give your child the chance to practice when they’re not having their usual lessons. It’s a great way of exploring different ways of practicing words and spellings.

Practice with your child

Why don’t you get involved with the language lessons? It can be a huge learning experience for both of you whilst you build a bond together as you face similar struggles and work through them together. It’s also great for practicing listening and speaking exercises together.

Incorporate their language learning with other areas of their studies

If your child enjoys science, ask them to learn different words in science and how they’re pronounced in different languages. If they enjoy arts and crafts, ask them to make a collage around the country they’re learning the language of and build upon their language skills that way. They’re still continually practicing their language skills and it makes them become more developed individuals as a result.

As a true test, visit the country of the language they’re learning

A trip to Spain can really get your child out of their comfort zone by practicing their speaking skills. They can test their ability in a number of ways: ask for things off the menu, buy certain things and buy train tickets without the struggle of the language barrier, to name a few.

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