When a child starts school, they are faced with a range of new challenges and will therefore need some additional support from their parents. If they’ve attended nursery, they will be familiar with some elements of an educational establishment, such as following rules and interacting with peers, but there will be new things for them to wrap their head around. For instance, the school will likely be much bigger than their nursery and there will probably be a lot more teachers and students to get to know. Plus, the curriculum will be more challenging. Read on for some tips from a nursery school in London on how to help your child prepare for big school.

Talk to Your Child

Try and find opportunities (more than once) to have chats with your child about how they’re feeling. Let them know that whatever they’re feeling is normal, whether they’re excited or nervous, and perhaps share some experiences of your own that they can relate to. For example, you could share how you felt when you started your job but explain that you quickly settled in and made new friends. When talking to your child about school, use positive terminology and try and lift their spirits as much as possible.

Encourage Independence

As a parent, you probably want to help your child solve problems and complete tasks, because it’s not nice to see them struggling. However, it’s important to let them become more independent as this will be necessary in school. For example, leave them to get themselves ready in the morning and teach them how to put on their shoes. They should also be able to go to the toilet independently.

Become Familiar with the School

Take your child to visit the school several times before their first day, even if it’s just from the outside. This will help them become more familiar with the building, but also with the route from your house. Encourage them to practise putting on their uniform so it doesn’t come as a big shock on their first day. The more comfortable they feel about their new school before they start, the easier it will be when they do.

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