Historic mural unveiled at Tapas Revolution in Bath

Spanish mural unveiled in Bath

It was my absolute pleasure to attend the unveiling of the UK’s ‘first of its kind’ Spanish hand painted tile mural, at Tapas Revolution in Bath.

Inspired by historic Spanish tile art traditions and taking artist Antonio Moreno Lastrucci 6 months to design and paint, this beautiful art form is usually found in old pharmacies in Spain.

In collaboration with Estrella Galicia it has been a dream ‘for years’ for Omar Allibhoy, chef and founder of Tapas Revolution, to bring authentic Spanish art to his restaurant. The mural is so beautiful with symbolism that it is likely to draw people to the restaurant for the mural alone.

Fascinating History

Omar comments; “I’m really excited to unveil this amazing piece of art in Tapas Revolution Bath. Tile art has a fascinating history in Spain dating back thousands of years and it is important to me to bring a flavour of this to my restaurant in Bath”.

In his speech on the night Omar mentioned how important the water is to Estrella Galicia in the area they brew their beer, Galicia, and how that ties in with the ethos and history of Bath.

Meeting Omar on the evening, it was clear his passion for this mural and the story behind it.

Some facts about the design:

  • The columns represent the four generations of the Rivera family
  • The border contains scallop shells that are the symbol of Galicia and the sea
  • The landscape drawings are taken from sepia photographs
  • The base of the image represents the fountain that provides the pure spring water used in the production of Estrella Galicia.  The spring water used is a symbol of purity and freshness.
  • The ribbon used around the hops and barley are copper in colour, to narrate the moment they are combined with the boiling water to begin the fermentation process.
  • The items that decorate the lower part of the mural are shells in the form of waves, hop plants and bunches of wheat.  These elements are used together to crate a symbolic image of the sea, the land and its natural fertility.
  • The predominant colours used are blue and turquoise which are used as a symbol of the sea and as a representation of Galicia.

It’s clear that a lot of time, thought, work, expertise and love has gone into this beautiful mural.  I really hope people appreciate the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to bring about art such as this, from Seville to Bath.

The evening was a celebration of tapas and accompanied by draughts of Estrella and acoustic spanish guitar.

With heartfelt thanks to Omar and Tapas Revolution for having us.



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