Home educating what could POSSIBLY go wrong

We’re in #Day1 of home educating what could possibly go wrong, and although there’s only been 6 meltdowns (Harry’s) and two shouting bouts (me), it hasn’t been all bad. At least I didn’t start with a hangover #sober.

Being sober definitely has its perks. In days of old I would have been panicking “I can’t do this” but no, I have a plan. It’s called Khan Academy and I thank God I found it, or it found me, via Google.

Khan Academy is a life saver in this strange situation, a free educational resource with videos and workbooks. I’ve signed both kids up with nicknames and at their curriculum level. Today Harry had to research Sutton Hoo, but YouTube videos were so sleep inducing (and I’m an adult) I turned to Khan Academy, and found what I was looking for. Kid and grade appropriate videos, facts and a quiz. Man I love a quiz don’t you? And Harry knows way more about Sutton Hoo (sounds like something out of the Grinch) by watching KA than other research sites out there. Khan Academy just takes the angst out of searching online for child appropriate info. Can you imagine if I’d put grave dig in Suffolk into Google? I dread to think. So I really recommend it if you want some help in the home education dept.

How are you coping with COVID-19 and having the kids at home for the foreseeable future? It’s certainly made normal life seem a walk in the park, since we’re no longer allowed to. I think I’m still in shock tbh, I feel bitterly disappointed in the people that headed to national trust gardens, beaches, and parks like it was a bank holiday, so now they’re out of bounds altogether. I don’t think they were being selfish, I just don’t think the gravity of the situation has hit home. But it will. The worst is yet to come and social distancing is something we all need to get to grips with.

One of my strategies was to do home education between 9-3, and then head somewhere quiet for a play. We’re fortunate to have a garden, we know. So at least the kids get to play outside. The cabin fever will be real though, since we have no idea how long this will last for. But I know it’ll last a whole lot longer unless we all take this seriously.

Katie, normally my calm child, is displaying anxious and regressive behaviour. Cooing like a baby and wanting to be held, while she closes her eyes and I stroke her face. I get it, I’d very much like that too, but by the end of the first day, she was better. Again, being sober means I’m less likely to get angry when they act out, I get that with unsettledness comes bad behaviour. The two bouts of anger could have easily been 6, and I’m still human.

I’ve found getting to their level, locking eyes, and truly understanding how unreal all this must feel for them really works. My empathy levels are high. I feel all over the place, and I’m 42. So I get it.

To miss their routine, their friends, the structure of the school day. It’s huge and life altering for them. It’s my job to make them feel safe, secure, and remind them to wash their damn hands.

Some things I’ve found helpful are following people who are finding positive solutions! Joe Wicks leading the nation in PE, that’s a solution and the 800,000 who joined him live (us included) show that the structure alone is worth it’s wait in gold right now. We can’t have certainty, but we can move our booty between 9=9.30am weekdays and feel like the day’s set up right, at the very least.

Marie Forleo too, did a LIVE exercise, medication and hydate on Instagram. Love it.

Have you found any positive people on social making a difference? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

How is your child coping with being off school? Have you had any meltdowns? I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing to help your child through this weird time.

With love and gratitude

Lizzie xoxo

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