How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

It’s important for parents to demonstrate to their children that they are committed to and supportive of their academic progress. Actions speak louder than words and the more you get involved in your child’s education, the more likely they are to perform well. If they know that you have their back, they might be more comfortable taking risks, trying new things and generally just feeling confident in their abilities. With that said, you may find the following advice from a private school in Hertfordshire helpful. 

Talk About School

Try and find time each day to have a catchup with your child about their day at school. Ask them open ended questions so that they have to give you more than a one-word answer, such as “what was your favourite lesson today and why?” or “how did you spend your lunchbreak?”. Chatting to them about their time at school will show them that you care.

Communicate with the School

Of course, Parents’ Evening is a given, but you should maintain regular communication with the school throughout the year. In doing so, you will show your child that you have a genuine interest in their progress while also staying up to date with how they’re doing so that you can step in and help where necessary. You should also monitor the school’s social media pages and read their newsletters as they will give you something to chat to your child about and keep you in the loop. 

Attend School Events

If possible, try and be present at school events, like sports day or school plays. This will demonstrate to your child that you are truly invested in both their academic and extra-curricular endeavours and there to cheer them on. You could even consider volunteering at your child’s school if you have the time. 

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  1. Involvement and interest in youngsters development in the early years and beyond is so special. Thanks for highlighting this area, Global Nomad.

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