How to cope with the temperature rises

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We’re not used to hot temps in the UK, every time the sun comes out, we run outside delighted but do we know how to cope when the temperature rises?  Burnt arms and faces are the norm, and we never quite know how to cool down and keep going through the heat.

We wish for it on the one hand, and it’s also not long before we start hearing such comments as “its too hot”, “i just can’t cope in this heat” or “I’m so tired”.  I asked health expert and former GP Juliet McGrattan to offer her wisdom on the subject:

Heat can be incredibly Draining

There’s no doubt that when the sky is blue and the thermometer suddenly shoots up that we all become very lethargic. Heat, especially when we haven’t become acclimatised to it can be incredibly draining.

Our body is working extra hard to maintain its preferred core temperature – that’s tiring. Our blood vessels dilate, our pulse rate goes up a bit and we sweat more; when sweat evaporates it cools the skin a little. 

It’s the sudden increase in temperature that can really sap energy. After a week of sunshine, you’ll probably find you had more energy than you did on the first few days because your body has adjusted. Keeping as cool as you can and remembering to stay well hydrated will help.

Getting Vitamin D and energy from sunlight

Don’t forget that the sun can give energy too. Most of our Vitamin D comes from sunlight. Vitamin D is involved with absorption of calcium in the body so it’s vital for healthy bones and teeth. A symptom of Vitamin D deficiency can be tiredness. A short period, outside, with your arms uncovered will give you a good dose, be careful not to burn though. Here’s a handy link to give you advice about how to safely get Vitamin D from sunlight

Dr Juliet McGrattan; health expert, former GP and author of Sorted; The Active Woman’s Guide to Health 



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