As you know I’m a total homebird. And although I LOVE travelling and going out around Somerset and beyond, it’s home I’m happiest! After the year we’ve all had, it’s no wonder we’re all looking to improve our homes and gardens! Whether you have small, medium or larger projects in mind there’s no better time than now to transform your home and raise your happiness levels at the same time!

We all deserve homes we love and enjoy being in. After the 3 lockdowns we’ve endured here in the UK, I think we deserve to spend abit of time and money on our most precious spaces. Our wellness depends on it too!

I love following along with Stacey Solomon on Instagram, she’s such a ray of quirky sunshine. Having bought the most amazing property called Pickle Cottage with her fiance Joe Swash. Everything she does to improve her house is beautiful, and Stacey isn’t scared of doing loads of the DIY which has encouraged me to pick up the paint brush and power tools too! Every change she makes is so sympathetic to the home and environment it sits in.

It inspires me to take my own space to the next level and not just put up with something I don’t like. She’s also hilarious flitting around the garden singing Moana songs which cracks me up!

Whether you choose to upgrade in small ways or decide to knock a wall down, I’ve got some ideas to transform your space whatver the budget.


If you have a bigger budget I’d be swapping out those french doors for wooden bi-fold doors. I’m so pleased we increased our budget to include our bi-fold doors which we got in oak. I only wish we’d gone wider, as they’re so incredible for letting light into the home.

The flow from the inside out works really well for us as family, I can’t recall our supplier as our extension was done 9 years ago now, but I found these similar pictures and like I said I’d go for a bigger opening if I had the opportunity again.

I think light is the no 1 important thing you need in a home, you can transform a space with if you have light coming in.


Over lockdown I watched a ton of Netflix (I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that!!) and I discovered the most beautiful brand called Studio McGee on Dream Home Makeover. Shea McGee has made me even more obsessed with simple redesign using optimum light, for both interiors and exteriors of homes. It’s all about how to make the home function and feel the best they can feel.

Having recently changed up my office nook, it’s made me realise even more that a room layout or re-design can be all that’s needed to transform a space.


Totally influenced by the McGee’s own garden, which is featured in the Netflix hit series, I’ll be investing in white hydrangea to plant at the back of my borders, then english lavender and grasses in between. I also love colourful pots along the patio that we can swap in and out. I’ve really upped my planting game recently deciding on a theme to include my favourite colours, pink/purple, white and green. I love an ‘organised garden’ look, with set planting in a pattern. It just makes my heart happy to see asymetry.

How beautiful are brightly coloured geraniums in terrocotta pots?

Did you know english lavender copes realy well in our climate and can withstand the changeable weather? I’m not particularly green thumbed so this puts my mind at rest that my english lavender will likely survive. Whereas other lavender types don’t fare as well. I’d put planting at the small to medium budget point as plants aren’t cheap when you’re buying alot, but if you can get cuttings from family, friends or neighbours or ask for garden centre vouchers for a birthday gift you could keep the costs down that way.

Sidenote: there’s a lavender field in Somerset and I can’t wait to get back there! I love the scent of lavender it’s heavenly!

photo credit Jess Cheetham


Garden furniture and making ‘rooms’ in your outside space can really transform the look and feel of your home.

I feel like my garden is so small, but when you watch Alan Titchmarsh or Garden Rescue, they seem to be able to make even small spaces look incredible with a good design! We’re thinking about investing in a landscape gardener, I’ve always dreamt of an english garden with lots of scents working together.

Loving the trend for outside ‘room’s aswell. with outdoor rugs and mirrors now for sale in most retailers from The Range up to Neptune!

I’ve been looking for a rattan set for years, and I love the Whitestores range, the leadtimes are abit long at the moment, I think everyone wants to get their homes looking lovely now we can have people over again! So I’d better my get order in soon.

Are you planning on doing any work in your home this summer? I’d love to hear your plans and whether these ideas have helped inspire you to upgrade your home this summer.

Let me know in the comments!

Lizzie xoxo

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