How to Raise an Environmentally Conscious Child

Teaching your child about the benefits of being close to nature and the many environmental issues we have on the planet can prepare them for what could be coming. What’s more, is that children and adults can all do their part at home or at school in just a few easy changes. 

Here we explore some ways to bring an eco-conscious message into your home, with the advice from this boys school in London.

Have meat-free days

Being vegetarian, vegan or even a pescatarian can educate your child in the benefits of avoiding meat. But even meat-free days are just as beneficial to not only your diet but the global impact. Start with one day a week and see what your child thinks of the change; they may want to pursue it further with a few days a week or switching to a more plant-based diet.

Encourage your child to reuse things

Unless they’re really dirty or smelly, your child can be convinced to wear their clothes more than once before they end up in the washing basket. Towels can also be reused multiple times, and bedding doesn’t have to be changed as often as you think. This can reduce the amount of clothes and fabric that needs washing, saving on your water and energy bills.

Prepare packed lunches for school

You can easily put together a lunch that’s free of waste with your child. Get them involved in the lunch prep so they can learn how to make their own lunches that are low on waste yet still easy to pick up on the go. 

Fruit and veg snacks are great for lunch boxes that don’t need any plastic wrapping but are also good for your child’s health and their overall brain development. Swap out crisps and chocolate bars for days when they’re at home, or encourage your child to keep a hold of their rubbish so they can dispose of it at home.

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