How to Reduce Your Utility Bills with an Eco-Friendly Home

It’s important that we look at ways to improve the way our homes operate by employing eco-friendly methods to save on your bills and promote a sustainable way of living. 

Every penny counts, as does every kilowatt of energy or amount of gas and water used to power your home, which is why it’s even more critical to learn more about being economical in the home. Here are some tips from one of the top piling companies in the UK.

When buying new appliances, check how economical they are

Check the multicoloured sticker that you find on the front of any appliance, with a corresponding letter on the sticker. The most efficient appliances have an A rating on them – aim for those when looking to buy the most energy friendly devices on the market. 

If you’re in store, feel free to talk to one of the advisors who will help you pick out the most energy friendly appliances available.

Use a smart meter

A smart meter will track exactly how much energy you’re using in the home. It’ll make you a bit more conscious of what energy you’re using and what could be causing a rise in your energy bills each month. Smart meters also track exactly how much you’re spending, resulting in a bill saving each year.

Wash your clothes at a colder temperature

You’d be surprised what keeps your clothes fresh and clean, and it doesn’t need to be at a hot or even warm temperature to get the job done. Cleaning at 30 degrees will save a lot of energy when washing your clothes, especially with everyday clothes and bedding. 

On top of that, aim to prioritise your washing throughout the week. That way, you can save the amount of times you do wash throughout the week to save money.

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