If Faith Can Move The Mountains, Let The Mountains Move

Sometimes I’m lost for words. Don’t laugh, it happens more than you might think!

I just sit, in anguish at times & say ‘God! What am I going to do about this, or that’?! I’m stuck Lord, at a crossroads, again.!’

In times like these I find it really hard to know how to pray, what to say to the One who made me. I’m lost for words.

So, I put on some music & hope that He will hear my prayer through it, even though I don’t know what that prayer is.

I’m sharing this song with you, it’s been on repeat in our house for the last 2 weeks.

It soothes me.

Are you feeling fraught today? Anguished?

Listen to a song that soothes you. Play it loud.

‘Christy Nockels, Waiting Here For You’

I’ve added it now from You Tube, the live version rocks! & I heart Christy for wearing a Union Jack top.

I hope you’ve had a great day friends.

Until the next time.
With love
Lizzie xx

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