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One of the lovely things about being a home owner in my humble opinion, is making it your own.  Before I was married I rented a fair bit and I was always frustrated when I couldn’t paint a wall or make a bedroom really my own.  I have gone to town on our 1930’s house which looks so different now from when we first bought it.

One of the things I do when I have some downtime is look for inspiration. I just love to be inspired. Whether that be reading a motivational book (currently reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown), watching food programmes (current obsession is Masterchef) or catching up on all things home decor through blog posts.

I love that the space you create can show your personality and the feeling you want to create in that space, not only for yourself and your family but for everyone who walks in the door.

This is our living space.


Sometimes I long for the days when my decor stays stain free I have to admit, and I know that is unlikely in these precious early years with the children.

My walls have messy hand prints on them and my couch? Don’t ask.  I keep asking for a new one but Jon rightly puts his foot down.  The years will be all too fleeting so I need to hold on to these days and not hanker after a cleaner home and stain free sofas!

Why oh why did we buy beige though? We bought them pre children and didn’t have a clue.  I’m going for grey next time, lesson learnt!

Seeing what other people have done in their homes is always so interesting and I am always first to visit when a friend redecorates as my friend Em will testify. I’m interested in everything from lighting, to furniture and accessories and always ask a ton of questions.

I take inspiration from anywhere really, from high street shops, shop windows, home decor websites and magazines, to other peoples homes.  I have a Home Style and a Kids Amazing Home Decor board on Pinterest too which is a great place to find inspiration.

The sweetest rooms to plan were Master H and Little Miss, especially Master H’s big boys room when we turned it from nursery into Master H’s nautical themed big boys room.



My photography was not so hot then but his face was a picture when he saw it.  I want to see that look on Little Miss’s face too.

So next up is Little Miss’s big girls room.  When we found out we were having a girl we decorated it in pink and personally I think we went a little too pink! We were so excited we were having a girl to add to our little family.

Little Miss recently went into a proper cot bed and is doing really well with it.  She’s altered so much recently though, she isn’t a baby anymore.  She is 3 and I want to give her a bedroom that really suits her personality, she is sweet and sassy at the same time, so I’m on the look out for inspiration and style for her that really reflect that.

She is girly to a point, she wears princess dresses almost constantly AND she loves playing with cars and trains as much as Master H does.  She would play with water all day long if we let her.

2016-02-20 16.13.51

Looking to Homify has been a big help with inspiration when looking at home decor ideas for Little Miss’s big girls room.

Kid’s room : Modern nursery/kids room by Baufritz (UK) Ltd.

Maybe we won’t banish the pink completely. I’m looking forward to planning and creating a space that is all ‘Little Miss’.

This post has been written in collaboration with Homify

2 thoughts on “Inspiration from Homify”

  1. I love how you transformed your home. It’s so lovely and has much personality. I moved into a new house last year and before I did I pinned so many images into boards labelled with each room and I would search websites and second hand websites…lol..people thought I was going overboard but in the end I got what I want in crazy prices.

  2. I think searching for inspiration can be the best part, I get a frisson of excitement when I find something I like on Pinterest, especially if it’s a whole room I like! Thanks for reading xo

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