It’s a beautiful thing

It’s a beautiful thing, when people have a gift to make things beautiful.

Instagram is literally full of arranged flowers, photos of coffee, styled squares of beautifulness that make the heart sing and take us out of our own lives for a brief second, just to appreciate the beautiful in life.

Bloggers are sometimes accused of making things too shiny, too rosy, like our lives are perfect.  I don’t see it like that, not at all.  It’s all about balance.

In this world of such darkness at times, how can things be too shiny?

On social media too, you can see reams of feed that show happy, smiley faces.  Families doing activities and meeting up with friends, having a great life that we can all commentate on. I love seeing people have a great life!

Don’t you?

Does it make me jealous?


Some say it is fake and we only show the good things, to some extent that is true, but I see the other side too and I think there is balance out there, especially with the blogs I read and I hope you see it in the blog I write, I know I need to write about my real thoughts more, it’s not always easy to share the harder moments especially when you’re in them.

I see very real realness being written and shared, very real indeed.  .

Take this blog written by Leigh Kendall called Headspace Perspective.  Leigh and her husband Martin lost their baby boy Hugo aged 35 days. She writes with passion to raise awareness of HELLP Syndrome in a really positive way.  She shares her everyday reality with us too, and that is not always rosy.  Beautiful is not always pretty.  The truth is Hugo is still gone.  What she shares is always shiny though, do you know why? Because it helps people and because it is real.  Being positive can still be real.

Then take Capture by Lucy.  A photographer from Somerset who takes ordinary things and arranges them in a beautiful way.  Lucy makes the ordinary extraordinary and I can’t tell you how much that speaks to me.  It’s just, well, lovely!  Lucy also shares with other people how to style things, she’s a sharer and an encourager.  The person behind the beautiful square is beautiful too.  The ordinary small moments are the big moments, do you realise that?

Then there is Lucy at Mrs H’s Favourite Things, where she shares about recurrent and unexplained miscarriage.  She also will share a lovely cupcake recipe!  Balance, real, shiny.

I could give you reams of examples of beautiful blogs with beautiful style, positive voices beaming out full of fashion, make up, sharing anxiety stories, inspiration for weddings, there is a blog for everything under the sun.

The reason they are beautiful though is that you share the whole story.  A great blog is not one that just shares one beautiful post and that post goes viral.  No.  Just a post here or a post there is not what makes blogs or the gift they bestow beautiful.  It is the whole journey, the whole journey so far.  If you take just a snippet then yes I guess it would seem like life is perfect.

Life is full of fragments, if you put your life together and fill in the cracks with gold and silver, you will shine.

There is a Japenese process called “kintsugi” or “kintsukuroi” repairing broken pots with gold or silver that I think best illustrates what I mean.  You can read about it HERE.

Whatever you’re doing with your day take a moment to take in something beautiful.  The beautiful things are gifts, and the people that bestow them are beautiful too.  Beautiful and real.  Real and shiny.

Let your light shine.

Lizzie xo
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17 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful thing”

  1. Oh Lizzie, this is such a beautiful post. And thank you so much for including me. Life can be wonderful but it can also be sad. It is the sadness that makes the other parts so beautiful. This really touched me. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  2. I love this Lizzie. When I was growing up, people would always accuse glossy magazines of the same sort of thing but I always found them to be quite the opposite, inspiring and motivating. It’s about balance, there are so many awful things going on in the world and it is lovely to be able to escape it all sometimes with a few minutes on Instagram or reading my favourite blogs
    Becca xx

  3. Lizzie, you are a woman after my own heart here! I particularly love ‘filling in the fragments with gold and silver’… What a perfect way to look at life.

    This is a heartwarming post. People are forever complaining and bitching about negative things, sometimes there isn’t something to be negative about – some people just seem to thrive on being down.

    That isn’t me. What a fabulous post xx

  4. What a lovely post, Lizzie. Thank you so much for the mention. I share my journey after Hugo to show the sorrow and the pain – but also that it is possible to move forward, and to find beauty in life. I am so pleased that comes through xxx

  5. Thanks Fiona, I loved that japenese process it’s amazing that even in brokenness we can shine and be even more beautiful! I just don’t see the point in looking at the world and other people so negatively, I don’t know any fake people, genuine people are everywhere trying their best. Anything styled or arranged seems to be trashed as not real. Well my wedding was arranged and styled and it was beautiful! I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to make something extraordinary, it’s inspiring. XO

  6. Thanks Becca I’m the same. I love reading my Hello magazine each week, full of inspiring people and motivation and stories of people’s lives. I don’t think it’s an escapism though, the beautiful is just a part of real life as all the negative stuff. I also read other types of articles and watch the news, balance! xo

  7. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. You write a great blog Lucy. I find the whole blogging community an inspiration to be honest, there are blogs about every subject and for the most part it’s the most edifying community to be part of. I’ve never known reciprocation and fairness in life quite like it xo

  8. What a beautiful and well written post! You’re absolutely right – balance is the key! And I love the way you put it about telling the whole story! I think when you tell the whole story, you become real. Loved reading this! I have bookmarked you! #brilliantblogposts

  9. Thanks so much for reading and that you want to read more of my posts! You are so kind. Us bloggers put out real vulnerability and that deserves some praise, not condescension xo

  10. I completely agree and love the amazing blogs you’ve shared here. Of course bloggers are going to share their happy moments just as everyone does, but I think so many of us are doing such a fantastic job of raising awareness for things much more serious than that. We really do need to appreciate the little and beautiful things in life more. Hope you can join us again next week for #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  11. I agree with you Kaye, we are creatives and also share some really deep stuff and make ourselves vulnerable as you well know. I’m sure I will link up again and I hope to see you linking up to for #CityCountryLife too xo

  12. This is a beautiful post, Lizzie. I 100% agree with you that you can the shiny, happy stuff is uplifting and positive, and quite frankly the world needs more of it!

    Well done for writing this! You’ve brightened Thursday for me

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