January Blue’s

Hi all! I hope you had a good weekend?

Well, we’re slap bang in the middle of Jan 2014! How are you feeling?

Apparently yesterday was the most depressing day, due to being so far from the last payday & so far from the next one.  Does this bother you & completely throw your month out?

Do you get the January Blue’s?


For me it’s never been about money, it just takes me ages to get into a new year!  I hope I’m not alone!!

Last week, me & the sweet kids all had colds.  I felt rubbish, totally run down & for some reason this really affected how I held it all together (I didn’t).

The house was a tip, I didn’t stick to my healthy eating & I felt like my life was crashing down around my ears. (Mama’s aren’t allowed sick days you know).

I think it’s really important to keep assessing our goals & aims & keeping our eyes on that.  In January I find that particularly hard.  I have a perfectionist personality trait, which means that if I haven’t achieved everything I set out to achieve immediately then I get quite frustrated, beat myself up & set myself on a slippery slope down to disheartened.

Come on girl, it’s only January!


This week I feel totally different, my cold is gone, my energy is back up & we’re raring to go!

This is great, but it got me to thinking.  Could I run my home better, so that when I am sick or run down then some of the jobs can slide & it won’t feel like the whole ranch is falling apart at the seams? For me, organisation is key.  So I sat down & organised when we do our laundry, ironing, tidying, take out bins & (here’s the important part) WROTE IT ALL DOWN!

I also wrote spent an evening writing all of our plans on the calendar AND in my Filofax so that wherever I am I know what I’m doing.

2014 is going to be organised!

Here’s how I’ve planned our week in regards to chores, for us the week starts on a Saturday because we want to hit the ground running on Monday.

household organise

It feels great to get it out of my head and written down!  Now it’s a plan of action, & hopefully a routine we do every week without having to think about it.

I’ve also re-assessed how I do our weekly shop, but more on that next week!

Whatever you’re doing & however you’re feeling, don’t let the January Blue’s beat you down.  Keep your eyes on the goal.

Until next time sweet friends

Have a great day!


x o x o

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