More than just Yeogurt at Yeo Valley // part two

Welcome to part two of our day with Yeo Valley.  I took so many photographs!  I found it difficult to whittle them down without losing the spirit of the day.  I learnt so much that I wanted to share it with you. As I mentioned in Part One there’s so much more than just yeogurt at Yeo Valley.

lunch dates

Yeo Valley Canteen

After our morning Yeo-Ga and meander through The Organic Gardens, we headed in convoy to the famous Yeo Valley HQ for lunch in the canteen.


With panoramic views across beautiful Somerset landscape the canteen has such a fun, eclectic and cool vibe.

Lighting is quirky and interesting.  Every wall is different and yet fits together, like different pages of the same book.  Every corner shows a different facet of the character and spirit of the culture Yeo Valley has created.


Every little detail has been thought of at Yeo Valley HQ, from the floor to the ceiling and out to the views to the lake beyond.   The clouds on the ceiling for example are made of British wool and also act as a sound buffer.  Everything is beautiful and/or useful and each supplier relationship nurtured.
fish and clouds

The trout fish mobiles reflect the trout caught in the local lake down the hill.


Award winning

Yeo Valley Canteen is an award winning staff canteen using locally sourced organic produce wherever possible, including that grown The Organic Gardens.

lamps CAKES

Hike with comfortably wild

After a lovely lunch of our choice and Yeo Valley’s newest product Bio-Live for pud, we were whisked outside for a yomp up the mendip hills area of outstanding beauty by our tour guide Alex of Comfortably Wild.

With the motto “Walk smarter, not harder” Alex offers rambling and navigation adventures.  I really appreciated his advice about staying ahead of the pack.  Looking up to where I was going rather than at my feet was great advice.

alex 2

This yomp was quite hard for me and I think having wellies on was a hindrance, next time I’d take hiking boots.


The views were well worth the hike to the top.  Yes, that’s Wales behind me.

on top of the world

On top of the world!




Hiking back down hill which was much easier than going up I can tell you!

Cooking demonstration

Back at Yeo Valley HQ we were treated to a cookery demonstration by Mark, one of the canteen’s wonderful chefs.




Mark showed up how to fillet a whole salmon.  The demo always included risotto, sauce vierge and a burnt aubergine and yogurt dip, all delicious and of course using locally sourced produce.


Mayo made with locally produced oils from Fussels.


Bright salad greens and herbs from the The Organic Gardens.


Smoked salmon skewers, with lime, chilli and organic green herbs


Aubergine and natural yogurt dip with salmon, asparagus and organic green herbs.

After our yomp we’d worked up an appetite and polished off the lot before saying our goodbyes.  I loved my day with Yeo Valley and can’t wait to go back and take my whole family with me.  My blog and my heart is about supporting great local businesses, shouting about the diverse beauty and culture of Somerset wherever I can and encouraging people to be the best they can be.  Yeo Valley definitely share these goals.


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