Little Miss’s Big Girls Bed

Well the time has come, after flaffing about for months Little Miss went into a big girls bed at the end of last week.  Hurray!

We have been meaning to do it since before Christmas and since we anticipated being up in the night sleep training with our little adventurer, we put it back again and again until we were all feeling better.  When we put Master H into his first bed we were up for months! No joke.

We needn’t have worried! She slept the first night straight through.  We couldn’t believe it.

Little Miss put herself in bed, she stayed there all night and that was it!  I tell you once she decides to do something she just does it. I love that about her. 
2016-02-21 07.05.34angle bed
full bed
in box
katie in bed

We used the Daisy Dreams Gro to Bed for Cot Beds and it is fab!

Little Miss can still get in and out of bed but she hasn’t fallen out once which saves putting up a bed guard!

It’s such a pretty pattern too, girly enough for us!  It feels lovely and is so easy to put on.

The duvet is attached to the fitted sheet by a zip.  Everthing you need is attached.  You slide your cot bed size pillow into the pillow case.  The fitted sheet part also has elastic to go under the mattress to keep it in place even more.  It’s so clever!

bertie and jack

We took the opportunity to move the room around a bit.  We’re going to do away with the baby pink walls in time, although she does choose pink a lot she also suits more of a raspberry colour and blues too.

I must admit I had a tear when I saw her in her big girls room.  She’s growing so fast.

It’s been a dream of mine to be able to kneel down next to my littlest to read her stories and cuddle her in bed which I haven’t been able to do with the cot sides on.  I can already feel our bond deepening because I stoke her face while she lies in bed.  I tried to do it though the slat of the cot bed but didn’t feel the same.  I’ve started to sing to her too while stroking her face.  Bedtime is precious time.

Potty training is also going brilliantly! The only thing? Now she can get out of bed and put herself on the potty which is fantastic, what’s not so great is swinging the potty around after she’s gone.  Me and Jon just laugh, but it’s not so fun stepping on a wet patch at 6am.  At least the sleep side of things could not be better.

Lizzie xo

We received a sample from The Gro Company for the purpose of review, as always all words and opinions are my own.


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13 thoughts on “Little Miss’s Big Girls Bed”

  1. So pleased you got this posted today! What a beautiful daughter you have (and what a lovely bedroom). SO funny about the swinging-potty…though I’m sure it’s not so funny for you! May your little girl continue to have blessed sleep.

  2. Oh how lovely! I’m not surprised she put herself to bed – what a pretty room! I love the sign also, I may have to get one for our house! It seems like such a long time ago that I put Megan in a big bed, it was the first time she ever slept through the night! x

  3. Ah well done Katie. She’s such a superstar sleeping in her own bed and doing so well with potty training! Could you come and train Rufio for me please?? He currently thinks that our bed is his bed and we’re all suffering from sleep exhaustion!
    A beautifully written post Lizzie and I love Katie’s new duvet and especially the plaque over her bed, what a great quote!!

    Becca xx

  4. The duvet thing sounds brilliant but my Katie always likes to throw hers off etc. Always hated sleeping bags etc.

    Your Katie’s hair looks beautiful! Those curls are amazing! #CityCountryLife

  5. Thanks her curls are amazing, I wish we never had to cut her hair, I think they will fall out once we cut it so we’re putting off as long as possible! Thanks for linking up to #CityCountryLife Laura xo

  6. Katie has pretty much trained herself, so different to with Harry both with the potty training and sleeping. I love that quote so much, I picked up at New Wine christian conference, it’s what I want for her and pray for her xo #CityCountryLife

  7. I think some children just love the feeling of being in a big bed don’t they?! Katie has slept so well since she’s been in hers. Thanks for linking up again Amy and for your lovely comment xo #CityCountryLife

  8. I’m dreading the day we need to do this for my little boy – I fear once he knows he can get out there’ll be no keeping him in! Very impressed that Katie just took to it straight away, what a trooper! I’ve been eyeing up the gro company duvets for a while – it’s good to know that they seem to work well! #CityCountryLife

  9. Great that she loves her new bed, wet patches not so good though 🙂 And I wonder if that’s the difference between boys and girls (the staying in bed bit) my brother was always up and down the stairs, especially when mum and dad had company. And I always thought I was the nosey one 🙂 #citycountrylife

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