Kitchen of Dreams

Kitchen of Dreams

For the longest time I’ve wanted a kitchen island.  Not a peninsular (shown above) which would fit into my kitchen much better size wise.

In my kitchen of dreams, the island will divide the kitchen into two distinct areas between workspace and dining/sofa area while still remaining the room that it is; first and foremost it’s a kitchen.  The heart of the home.

Growing up I’ve always wanted to operate an open door policy.  To treat friends like family and family like friends.

My goal is gathering friends and family in my kitchen of dreams and standing around the island.  Leaning in and chatting away drinking chardonnay over a vase of lillies, while I put the final flourish to a cake or cheese board to offer my guests.

Hospitality -v- Entertaining

Although I think hospitality and entertaining are two different things (a glass of water or mug of tea is hospitality, setting the table properly for a dinner party is entertaining).

Jon and I plan to keep our family in our 1930’s renovated home at least until the children are past primary school.  Our local school is so good and the area is perfect for raising a young family.  The last room to be renovated is the kitchen.

Whenever I look to Pinterest for inspiration (you can see my Pinterest Kitchen of Dreams board here) I realise that I veer towards a certain style.

Kitchen Style Inspiration

Grey/White/Cream are definitely a preference (possibly another reason to wait until the mini’s are midi).

Another consistent style is roof lights in the kitchen.  I just love light and I want my kitchen of dreams to be flooded with it.  In general, there’s a lot of choice on the web. If you could use some help; Solstro helps you choosing the roofwindow that fits your needs best.

Not only does it look dreamy, but it’s a practical solution for us.  Our plan is to raise the ceiling, remove the worktops across our window and extend our bi-fold doors so they go across the whole kitchen.

The space left from the worktops being removed should leave us more room to put in an island.  You need so much space all around the island and at the moment we don’t have quite enough space.

The roof lights and island plus changing the flooring in our kitchen are going to transform our kitchen from dreary into dreamy.  I can’t wait.





* This post has been written in collaboration with Solstro


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