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Thought you knew what your homestyle was? Think again!

Forget Pinterest or Homes & Gardens Magazine, you need a toddler & a preschooler in your home to rewire your understanding of what family style really means.

Picture if you will a perfectionist Mum, home based with interests such as home decor, cooking & baking, socialising with friends & family.  She styles her home until it’s just how she likes it & looks around it in a happy, contended way.  She’s so happy with her home decor that she’s sure she wouldn’t be embarrassed to invite anyone round, even Duchess Kate herself would adore to pop around for a play date, she’s sure of it.

Enter the new designers on the block, so infamous they’re known by their initials SH & SB, these guys are taking ‘designing your life’ to a whole new level.


Your beautiful candle votive is now a ‘Galahad Candle’, with fusions of ‘modern ocean’ & ‘Mike the Knight’ themes.  It makes an excellent centrepiece for your table.  When interviewed the forward thinking SH said ‘it’s not dangerous, it’s nice’.

Galahad candle

On trend according to everyone’s instagram, board signs with motivations & quotes can be given a whole new lease of life when turned backwards; yanno, so you CANNOT SEE THE QUOTE! Like all good design it’s so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it yourself.

Backwards board

SH & SB like to turn things on their head, it’s just their way. I think you’ll agree that by turning the board around you not only see the simpleness of the wood but also the price! Which of course is something you will want everyone to see.

Next up… the wooden cube in the photo montage… wooden block

& the free kids mag toy hammer in the fruit bowl….

hammer fruit bowl

These simple hacks are so forward thinking that the world might not be ready for them just yet, but this Mum believes her children are two of the leading front runners in design & innovation of the future.

Incorporate them into your home now to get ahead of the trend!

You’re welcome.

nb. I know we need more fruit, thanks.

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