Lizzie Somerset is now Self Hosted!!

Hey friends,

I have exciting news for you!  Can we have a celebratory champagne ‘cheers’!?

After 11 months of blogging on WordPress I’ve now gone self-hosted!

new homeThis means that with all of my positivity in my clutches I am throwing myself hook, line & sinker into this blogging career. I am now able to be PR friendly & take this blog forwards; you can now find me at

I so appreciate ALL of you, those of you who have followed, liked, read my little slice of the world wide web from the beginning when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  Thanks for sticking around!

I will still be writing genuinely about the things that bring me joy; my kids, family, faith, positive motivation & encouragement.  I will still be sharing my life with you.

There are also some exciting projects coming up!

Bear with me while I grapple with this new way of doing things.  There will be no 5 on Friday tomorrow while I take the weekend to suss it all out.

Are you all with me? I hope y’all come along for the next adventure at Lizzie Somerset’s Blog!!!!

I sure would love to take you all with me as I love you all so dearly.


Lizzie XO

11 thoughts on “Lizzie Somerset is now Self Hosted!!”

  1. Hi Lizzie. Congratulations! Only bug I see is that since I follow you usually get a email telling me that you have posted. Didn’t get notified of this post. Went to my reader here and found this post. In the future if you post and I don’t respond in a day then it means I wasn’t notified.

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