Love Yeovil

A little while back my Church ran an initiative called Love Yeovil. Young people went out & cleared gardens. They helped in the community to clear, clean up & love Yeovil through doing.

I didn’t feel the love. I didn’t love Yeovil. I didn’t want the t-shirt.

I moved here with my family when I was a month away from turning 9 years old. The town we had come from was smaller, prettier & I loved it. I struggled to settle.

I’ve called this place ‘home’ for 27 years now & I’ve only just ‘got it’.

Compare the town with other places & of course you will find fault but there’s fault in every town. Look for the positive & you’ll find it too.

No, the town centre is not as pretty as some & I would love to see that change. It has been affected by greedy landlords & had the heart ripped out of it, at least they tried to. Some decisions along the way did not improve it.

However, this town of mine has been built up on industry & industry is not always pretty! It looks like hard work, it looks like determination & it looks like grit.

That’s the kind of heart I want in my town.

Thankfully the very industry the town was built up around, gloving & helicopter manufacturing, is still thriving!

Now all we need here is for the town centre to be more attractive to outside people who may be put off from coming here.

I read a thread a couple of weeks ago that made my blood boil. A lady from London was asking if Yeovil would be a good place for her young family to move to. Her responders all slated my town, saying it was rough & ugly.

Most of them had only visited once or were commenting on hearsay. But it made me realise how much I’ve come to love this place. It’s beautiful!

I’m not saying that we don’t have a long way to go, there are some people that seem hellbent on giving our town a bad wrap! But there are also people working so hard, investing in this town to make it a better place & I can see huge improvements!! Let’s support them!

Independent Traders are being encouraged back to the town centre, & investing in loving this town. Working alongside the bigger chains we need to support them to see a diverse & colourful town centre. That’s where we’re going to see positive transformation!

I am passionate about seeing the stigma attached to my town turned on its head!

If you already love Yeovil or were one of the young people who helped make our town a better place that day, I’m sorry I’m so far behind the curve ball, but I’m here now & I want the t-shirt.

Let’s transform this town together. #loveyeovil #supportindependentshops

Until the next time friends
Have a great day!

Lizzie xx

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