Manic Monday


After a blogging break I’m back refreshed & ready(ish) to start a new term!!

It’s Monday morning (nb) & I’m trying to get motivated to start my list of things to do!

The list includes unpack/wash laundry, get our new kitten settled in, organise vets, getting ready for starting pre-school, and all the other things a stay at home mama does every day. Phew, so it’s abit hectic at the ranch today!!! Also trying to get used to Jon being back at work as he’s been such a help!

Our holiday was awesome, we love Cornwall & go most years as it’s so nearby!

We stayed in a little cottage by the sea, our boy loved playing with his bucket and spade and splashing in the waves. My parents joined us for a couple of days and babysat so we could go on a date night! We went to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen at Watergate Bay & had the best steak ever.

Back home over the weekend we had loads on, a wedding and back to normal at church. Jon started kids work and loved it!

See below a couple of photos, there’s me & Lucy rocking it up at Steve & Lucy’s festival themed wedding. Me & Jon on our date night, & our new kitten Copper!





Until the next time friends!

nb Clearly the day got away from me I started this post this morning & only just got around to posting. Crazy day! Hope yours was more calm!

Next post will include details on Master H’s 1st Day as a pre-schooler & Autumn bits.

Have a great day
L xx

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