Harry’s 7th Birthday Party – Amazing Minecraft Themed Party

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When I was a child, a party was a few friends playing pass the parcel, musical statues and eating jelly and ice cream in your front room. These days, it’s all about the themed party! To celebrate Harry’s 7th birthday we threw him a colourful Minecraft themed party.  In this post I share exactly how we organised an amazing Minecraft themed party on a budget – without compromising on joy!



Harry loves Minecraft since discovering it at school.  Minecraft is a great tool for his education and imagination, encouraging creativity as well as maths and engineering skills. Since turning primary school age, the things that entertain Harry have changed.  Moving away from Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine and Paw Patrol, Harry has been more interested in the YouTube Kids app.   Watching his favourite Minecraft YouTubers build their imaginative worlds has inspired him to create his own.  A favourite to watch is Stampy Cat, a YouTube sensation followed by millions of subscribers.  Little did I know how huge Minecraft is when Harry first started playing and watching. Harry’s imagination has exploded since playing Minecraft, and the world he created is incredible. He builds more of his world every day.

Harry’s Minecraft Themed Party

Since the theme was predominantly Stampy Cat, I took to Pinterest to find inspiration for games, food and decorations. We also had Noah on our team.  Noah is staying with us for a year and is part of the Create team at Yeovil Community Church.  Thankfully, he had amazing ideas having played Minecraft for years.

We saved in our party budget by holding the party at home.


Minecraft Themed Party – DECORATION (SAVE)

We saved by sourcing our party decorations from the party section in Tesco.  I always find great options there, everything else is from Amazon.  You can sign up to Prime here.*

  • Paper fan / paper swirls both from Tesco
  • Pinata (Tesco)





  • Stampy poster (which doubled as a game). (Amazon)



Minecraft Themed Party – PARTY FOOD (SAVE):

All of the food was Minecraft themed, from red stone to slime balls.  Noah thought up the swaps and then designed the labels on his printer.  Most of the party food we already had in our fridge and cupboard as these are the foods we already buy!  The only things we had to buy as additions were cakes/cookies .

  • Cookies   | Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Watermelon | Watermelon
  • Gold | Gold Bars
  • Green apples  | Toffee Popcorn
  • Slime Balls  |  Green (White US) grapes
  • Dirt  |  Chocolate Brownies
  • Coal  | Oreo cookies
  • Redstone  | Strawberries
  • Sticks  |  Pretzel sticks


Minecraft Themed Party – BIRTHDAY CAKE: (SPLURGE)

The birthday cake was made by local firm Love my Cake based in Yeovil Marsh, we have used Sam on many occasions and really rate her.  She always understands my brief and surpasses expectations.



Having a cake made to order is expensive, however the work that goes into each cake is astounding.  I think to have a cake that is completely bespoke and tastes amazing is worth the splurge over supermarket bought cakes.



Brief: Cake (vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling) to feed 20.  Sugar craft with TNT, Stampy Cat, Name, Age, other characters, Creeper and Minecraft blocks with mud.  The cake turned out fantastic and Harry and his friends loved it!



Minecraft Themed Party – PARTY BAGS (SAVE)

Filled with Minecraft fun, including glasses, notebook, pencil, balloon and cake wrapped in Minecraft napkin.  Bags and fillers were sourced from Amazon*.

We didn’t overfill our bags as don’t want to give plastic tat that would just get tossed.

The glasses were worth it, they were amazing!



Harry and his friends had a great time at his Minecraft themed party, and it didn’t break the budget!

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