My Day Off

As a Mama I don’t get many days off. Well none, actually, because a Mum is never quite off duty, right?

Since looking after our children is my job, I decided to approach management, (tell hubby) that a break was well overdue!

People who work have so many days off a year. Now I know being a Mum is not a ‘job’ as such, but it is what I do, week in, week out. Every now & then everyone needs a break, a change from the norm & every day.

So, with this message ringing in Jon’s ears we planned a day out, no kids!

Can you imagine how much joy this filled me with?! A day of shopping, at the MALL? No worries about timings or feedings or packing a huge bag. I was ecstatic!

So we set of to The Mall at Cribs Causeway. I hadn’t even considered Christmas at this point, but most stores had their Christmas wares on display already.

My favourite store with the nicest holiday feel was John Lewis.


Anything that might have gingerbread as a theme, gets my vote every time!!


I also LOVED their cushion displays & we always head to lighting because I love it.


I couldn’t decide if I liked the owl or the robin cushion the best.

We had a Starbucks (check out the oh so relaxed face) gingerbread cappuccino for this mama!



We had a great day mooching around the shops.

For lunch we stopped at Nando’s! A favourite of ours. Who doesn’t love spicy chicken!!

Here’s my guy chilling while we waited for our food.


I’m sorry there isn’t a photo of the lovely food, I ate (ok hoovered) it all up as quickly as possible & loved every mouthful.

Suffice to say, a few hours away were all I needed. I really missed SH & Sweet Bea!

I’m looking forward to the week ahead with the kids & all it may bring.

We’re having a fireworks party this evening & I LOVE fireworks so bring it on!

Until the next time friends.
Have a great day!

Lizzie x

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