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At the end of Feb I attended Blognix Retreat with my best blogging friend Karen.  The retreat is organised and founded by Elizabeth of the blog Rosalilum along with her partner Raj of Average Chap.

Can I just start out by thanking them both, they did SUCH a fab job and are a great team.  If you’ve been to an event then you’ll know that good organisation is key to it running well and this event ran seamlessly.

We stayed at a hotel called Hellidon Lakes and Spa near Daventry and overall we had a good stay, the food was great as was the view!

Unfortunately for me other hotel guests had other plans and disturbed my sleep by shouting and talking loudly outside into the early hours of Sunday morning, which meant the 3 hour drive home wasn’t so pleasurable.  This is honestly the only negative and had nothing to do with Blognix Retreat.

I checked in, met Elizabeth and Raj and headed upstairs to see my friend Karen 365 Pearls of Wisdom who had already arrived.  You’ve heard me talk about Karen a few times and I did a guest post, mondays moment of wisdom – pearl number 65, about my post natal depression story on her blog a couple of years ago.

We are ‘blog friends turned real friends’  at least this is what it’s known as in the blogosphere which happens ALOT.  It makes sense really, we’re all creatives of some kind or another, motivated and goal driven people who want to inspire and share their journey with each other so it makes sense that friendships come out of shared drive and vision.

On the Saturday we met up with the other delegates, received our goody bags and got going with time to network with other bloggers and take workshops throughout the day.

The ShopStyle brand were there and I liked them a lot.

Goody Bag


Blogosphere Magazine

Pinterest bag, notebook and stickers

ShopStyle pen

Type the Hype weekly blog planner

OneTenZeroSeven earrings

Three Pay As You Go minutes


These are the gems I took from the workshops I attended:

Time Management for People Who Want to DO ALL THE THINGS – Holly June Smith from Hey Holly June

  • Schedule your time (even your bubble bath)
  • Multitask (listen to podcasts while in the bubble bath or insert your thing!) utilise your time well
  • Work out your priorities and what you need to do to move towards your goals

How to meet PRs and Brands – Monica Stott from The Travel Hack

  • Work hard and be nice to people
  • Use the # of the event even if you’re not going (association)
  • Make it as easy as possible for them
  • Offer tiered options
  • Be authentic

Pinterest Workshop – Elizabeth Sellers from Rosalilium

  • Pinterest is a discovery tool not a social media platform
  • Pin what is interesting to you
  • Don’t use #’s, use thoughtful descriptions
  • Make one pinnable image for each blog post

I found all the little hints and tips so helpful!  A couple of tips I’ve already implemented was to take all notifications off my phone and to listen to podcasts while doing something else.  You might also find a pinnable image at the top of this post 😉

I’m sad I missed Rebecca Morgan’s workshop on contracts and the legal side of things, we met her on the Friday night and she is a rising star people! such a talented and very lovely lady.  Raj’s workshop on Finance would have been so helpful too and I kicked myself I didn’t grab him for a one to one before leaving on the Sunday.  I just missed my kids and wanted to get back to them.

On the Saturday lunchtime we all had lunch together and me and Karen got to know Monica from The Travel Hack and Jen from She Gets Around, loved them! Such fab girls and I hope we will keep in touch.  I have high hopes to have a book of Jen’s in my hand in the next year or two!

I also loved catching up with some bloggers I met at Brit Mums Live last year Leigh Kendall Headspace Perspective and Katy from What Katy Said.  There really are too many bloggers/blogs to mention in this post so please know I loved meeting you all, you’re an inspiration!

goody bag2

In the evening we had a 3 course dinner and quiz which was so much fun.  Our table totally sucked at the quiz and I learnt loads of blogging trivia!


Everyone came with the attitude to help each other; with ideas, encouragement, tips, hugs, mentoring, strategy and not just on the weekend but beyond aswell.  I’m also on the Blognix Facebook group and join in the Blognix Twitter chats every Wednesday night.  That’s what I love about the blogging community, it carries on beyond the conference/event.  None of us will get anywhere on our own and that I know all too well.

I am a Type A goal driven person and I am currently awful at asking for help.  I’m holding my hand up, yes I’m that person right now and that’s all going to change.  No (wo)man is an island and I can’t build this blog on my own.  So in order to grow I need to learn…

a. to know what I need,

b. how to ask for it succinctly,

c. who to ask.

That will only come with time, experience and trying.   Trying until I get it right and that door opens.  I am no longer afraid of failure or trying, improving and trying again.  It is only through failing, making mistakes and moving forwards that we can succeed in the long run.

I also want to offer my input to other people too, I have such a heart to encourage people!

Connections are so important in life for our wellbeing.  Every connection we make is an opportunity to grow, learn, inspire and be inspired.

Treat everyone with respect, that’s what we heard over and over again at the weekend; be respectful, be polite, be interested, be grateful, listen, learn.


Hey Holly June

The Travel Hack

Not Dressed As Lamb


She Gets Around


Motivated by a mastermind session I’d love to set up a local mastermind group of likeminded people with different skills and ideas to help and inspire each other with our goals and any issues, each offering ideas and solutions. People who are successful accept other people’s vision and ideas too.  A fresh perspective is never a bad thing.  Let me know if you want to be part of that and how that could work, it’s half an idea at the moment.

The word I’m taking away from the weekend is ABUNDANCE and this is the community that is being created at Blognix Retreat.

There is more than enough room for everybody in the blogosphere, we are all unique and all bring that unique perspective to our blogs.  Letting our individuality shine through is key and was actively encouraged throughout.

Big thumbs up for Blognix Retreat.

Lizzie xo

Keeping Up With The Joneses


  1. It sounds like you had a fab time, I’ve not heard of these retreats before but they sound very friendly and collaborative and that is right up my street. Mich x

  2. It sounds like a fab weekend! I’ve taken part in a few of Elizabeth’s ‘Blog Everyday’ months and she’s so lovely.
    I’d love to be involved in something local aswell 🙂 x

  3. I’ve heard so many good things about Blognix in the last week – it sounds such a fantastic and positive weekend. I can relate to being bad at asking for help – I like your ABC for how to get better though, even though I don’t think I could answer them at the moment! Food for thought 🙂 #CityCountryLife

  4. That sounds a fab event – it’s nice to catch up with people in real life as well as online isn’t it – and to learn stuff too is always a bonus. #citycountrylife

  5. Blognix sounds brilliant, I think I could have learned a lot from these seminars and so cool that you got to spend time with Karen too! I’m going to try to look in to it for next year, perhaps instead of some of the other blogger meet-ups. #CityCountryLife
    Becca xx

  6. I still haven’t written about Blognix- I am a terrible blogger ? I took my notifications off after that talk too and it has made such a difference! Was so lovely catching up xx

  7. You’re a fab blogger! We don’t have to write about everything we do. I have loved not having notifications, I try to go on social media at set times too, and not fared as well with that I’m afraid! xo

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