New Years Eve Trip – Haynes Motor Museum

3488   Hey friends,

I’ve been meaning to write about our New Years Eve day trip to Hayne’s Motor Museum. As a family we like to go on a day trip on New Year’s Eve as we like to see the year out as we like to start, together having fun with the sweet kids!

We decided to go to Haynes Motor Museum, having driven past it for years we’d noticed a major overhaul.  Millions of pounds have been spent on upgrading the building & facilities & from the outside at least it looked fantastic.  The kids are the right age so it was time to give it a go.

The entrance fee is not the cheapest we’d come across for days out with the kids, but with Jon’s huge interest in cars & the fact you can Gift Aid your entrance fee to get a 12 month free pass we thought it was worth a try.

The first thing we noticed was how striking the building is.  It’s very colourful & modern & that really sets the tone of the whole visit.  The parking is ample but there are no child/parent spaces.  We found the space big enough though.  I was excited to get inside & check it out.

As we went early (10ish) walking into the airy reception the place didn’t appear busy &  we were served immediately.  Sorting out the Gift Aid was easy & we were given a long receipt to keep as our entrance for our annual pass.  I did think that a voucher type card would have been a better alternative, since we appear to have a  penchant to lose receipts.  Haynes do not replace lost receipts which I thought was a negative since it’s on a scrap of paper & they have your details on screen.  So we’d better keep hold of it!

The postives really outweighed the negatives here though! My goodness walking into the car museum was amazing! So many beautiful cars & they were all gleaming!  Every vehicle is lovingly polished by the many volunteers that work at Haynes Motor Museum.  Speaking to one of them it was clear he loved volunteering there & being amongst these wonderful old & more modern cars.

lizzie bentley

Me choosing my new car, a midnight blue Bentley!

Jon was in his element, cars are his work & in his soul, mixing that with our little family he just loved sharing his loves with us, especially with SH.


For the kids they provided Little Tikes Cosy Coupe cars.  The walkways are really wide & were  brilliantly flat for pushchair/wheelchair & the push along cars, the kids had a great time with those!


There is so much to see at Haynes Motor Museum & if you love cars & the history behind them you will really love it here.  The collection of cars & the way they’re set out is really impressive & informative.

After a really good look around & lots of fun with the kids we decided to have an early lunch in Cafe 750 set down within the foyer.  I was impressed with it’s light & airy space.

Because we’d gone for our visit early it was still quiet.  We ordered a panini, a portion of chips & a sausage roll & salad which we shared with the kids.  The only options on the kids menu were cooked meals as they didn’t offer kids sandwich meal deals in the winter.  I thought this was a shame as we eat our main hot meals at home at tea time.

The staff were very friendly & polite & went through everything they had on offer though so  I could make an informed choice from what was available.

There were loads of highchairs (I could see about 6), although missy now prefers to roam free.  The baby changing facilities were right off the cafe & although I didn’t use it the facility looked clean & easily accessible with lots of space.

We went back into the Motor Museum to see the Red Room which Jon loved!  Then we peeked at the playground through a window at the back.  SB was getting a bit tired at this point & we decided to go home for her nap & come back another day.

We really enjoyed our day out at Haynes Motor Museum & are looking forward to going back when the weather is warmer to enjoy the playground & look around the gift shop.

Things that were great:

– The reception & cafe are light & airy & very clean.

– They’ve kept children in mind with the wide walkways, roped off displays, cars to scoot around & brass rubbings with crayons dotted around.  Also the fun exercise we were given at Reception for SH, although really suited to older children SH still enjoyed finding the elves in the cars.


– Highchairs & baby change.

– Playground (saw it but didn’t play on it this time)


– Some of the car displays were interactive with buttons you could press to set lights & sounds off.

– Lots of fun things for the kids in the gift shop (we walked through will return for a proper look!)

All in all we had a really fantastic time & we’re looking forward to going back with our free pass!  Feel free to do the same & we can meet up for a playdate in the play area.

Lizzie xo

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored & all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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