No vote is wasted

I’m not a political campaigner and that’s why I hardly ever write on social media about world or UK politics. That being said, one thing I will shout from the rooftops i, no vote is wasted, in my honest opinion.

Election day

Chatting over a cuppa with my Mum and Dad this morning, election day news comes up.

I was nervous to tell them who I’d voted for, not that I had to tell them, because I’d voted opposite to them straight after the school run.   I already know which way my parents will vote and they are both voting the same.

Mum said “well that vote is wasted anyway”.

I disagree, I believe that no vote is wasted.

Our home is divided, I will vote one way and Jon another. Does Jon’s vote cancel mine out?   So I guess I shouldn’t bother? Does that mean that my vote is wasted?


Over 9,000,000 women did not vote in the last general election

Over 9,000,000 women did not vote in the last general election. Can you believe that? It’s a staggering number. Have they been sold the lie that their vote is wasted?

I hear reasonings like “We didn’t vote because it won’t make a difference”.  I’m staggered again.  We ALL have a voice.

9,000,000 people’s voices won’t make a difference?

Even if the 9,000,000 put ‘none of the above’ like in Brewster’s Millions (a fabulous Richard Pryor film) it would indicate that none of the candidates were suitable, in your opinion.   That is using your vote.  That is using your voice.

Your opinion counts

It’s your opinion that counts.  I’m not going to say vote my way, for the policies I believe in it’s not the way I roll.  I don’t mind which way you vote, honestly, this is not a ‘vote for my party’ plea.

Other members of my family are voting totally differently again.  All of our votes count.

I decided on my VOTE which is completely different to the party I’ve voted for over the last 22 years, and I decided today.

Having always voted the same way, why waste a vote when YEOVIL has been LIB DEM for over 30 years?

Because, at the last election the Conservatives won the seat, SHOCK.  Voters voted, LIB DEMS lost.  Which shows that a town yellow over years and years CAN be changed if you vote.  So do I now vote blue? Because blue are in Government and it’s not a wasted vote?

Unsure of the policies?

Another reason for not voting might be that you don’t know about all the policies.

I get that we’re all busy and maybe you’re only looking at the policies today.  It’s confusing and you’re not sure so decide the leave it. I do get it, it’s a minefield.  Maybe none of them are any good, I don’t know for sure.

I used a really useful quiz style questionnaire which gave results at the end. I was 67% the party I voted for based on the policies I said were important to me.  The party I’ve been voting for for years were just underneath, but their policies just aren’t what’s the most important to me right now.

For me, gay rights, adoption rights for gay families, the NHS, Student Fees and a rise of the Minimum Wage are really important as are fair and robust immigration and human rights.

I voted even though they there’s a strong chance they won’t get in.

Is my vote wasted?

My Mum said my vote was wasted, I believe that even if my party candidate does not get into parliament, the party who does will have to listen to the policies I believe in IF I USE MY VOTE to say I care about them.

Onto votes for women in particular. Suffragettes fought and won over years, prison, force feeding, death to get us the vote. We need to use our vote if not just for them and their memory.

So many people live in countries with corrupt governments, they either don’t have the choice to vote at all or the votes are doctored. We do not know what real corruption is in this country.

We have a fair and robust voting system.

So use your voice, no vote is wasted.

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