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Hi there!

My name is Corrie and I live in a little village near the bright lights of Manchester.

I’ve just joined the 30 club, recently bought a house with my wonderful partner and rescued a loveable dog called Daisy… basically life is all good!


I am happiest when I’m:

Jet setting! –  My FT job allows me to travel the world so I count myself extremely lucky.

Baking! – My surname is Baker so it’s in my genes!

On the beach! – Life is sweet when there is sand between my toes and a sea breeze in my hair.

Most importantly I don’t take life too seriously and enjoy a good G&T whenever I can 🙂




I recently joined a Facebook page that is dedicated to the lovely little village I live in with my partner and pooch Daisy! The page is predominantly useful for updates on all things villagy such as recommendations for local gardeners, dates of the next farmers market, recent planning permission for a new pub…you know the score…

I was browsing through my Facebook feed yesterday when I came across a post from the  village page that really made me think about how we sometimes let negativity spiral out of control.

The post contained a picture of a car parked on double yellow lines on a side street in the centre of the village. Along with the image was a comment from a local resident angrily protesting about how stupid and inconsiderate people are and what a disgrace the village is coming to. I continued to read the 13 or so other comments from residents which contained remarks such as “There are not enough PCSO’s dealing with these serious issues so I have called the police”, “I have called the council and was put on hold for 15 minutes, they said they were going to send someone to issue a ticket”, “It is really inconvenient to have to walk in the road when these stupid people park illegally”.

I am not usually one for commenting on or getting involved in debates on the internet (seriously who has the time?) but after 3 French Martini’s yesterday evening (hiccup!) I felt compelled to try and change the tone of the rant into a positive one!

I am a strong believer in negativity breeding negativity and effecting our lives in many ways, often without us realising it. Before you know it you are yelling at your partner for the tiniest thing, then when you take a step back and think to yourself “where the heck did that come from!”, your negativity has stemmed from something as tiny as a car parked on double yellows. If you don’t control it, negativity can suck the life out of your world.

My comment to my fellow villagers was therefore as follows:

“Parking on double yellow lines is one of life’s little niggles that no matter how much it annoys you, someone, somewhere is doing it right now. Given that it is an act that a majority of us have done in the past and will probably do again at some point in our lives, shouldn’t we all ask ourselves is it really worth wasting our time getting irritated by something we cannot change? In the grand scheme of things when there is enough negativity already in the world, is it really worth spreading this frustration onto our families, friends, colleagues? Maybe we should consider looking at this post in a different light?…….

How much time did it take you today to take this photo and post it on Facebook?

How much time has everyone taken reading it and posting a comment?

How much time have you spent talking about it to friends and family?

How much money did you spend ringing the police and the council?

Has your time and money been well spent?

I dare everyone to add up the amount of time they have spent on this post and use the same time tomorrow to create something positive;

Call an elderly relative

Play with your children for 10 minutes longer

Give your neighbour a lift somewhere

Buy your wife some flowers for the same price you spent on hold to the council.

Our time is precious so is it worth wasting it on breeding negativity?

I wasn’t overly bothered if my comment infuriated anyone, I was only interested in trying to turn a negative situation into a more positive one and if my thoughts had rubbed off on just one person it was time well spent.

For me – time spent reading and commenting on the post = 20 minutes. Today I will therefore be using this 20 minutes be giving my colleague a lift home so she doesn’t have to get a tram, two trains and bus home.

Best Regards




Disclaimer : Opinions raised in this Open Mic series are entirely the words, thoughts & opinions of the guest author & are not necessarily the opinion of Lizzie Somerset’s Blog.  LS XO


18 thoughts on “OPEN MIC – Serenity & The Double Yellow Line”

  1. An interesting post – something a bit different. However I kind of agree about getting cross over those who park on double yellow lines because they are there for safety reasons? My sister was killed in a car crash when a drive swerved to avoid someone parked on double yellows…. a long time ago but it does influence my opinion on such things. x

  2. Life’s too short to be taking photos of these kind of things and posting them on FB! Oh my goodness. Love your response, it’s the kind of thing I would be thinking – but not brave enough to type.

  3. Thanks for commenting! It was my guest poster Corrie on a series I’ve just started running called Open Mic. It’s interesting because of the nature of what Open Mic means I don’t edit anyone’s post. I was interested to see if anyone shared my friends opinion or not XO

  4. Firstly I’m so sorry for the loss of your sister, of course that’s a dreadful thing which is heartbreaking & could have been avoided if the car hadn’t been parked on double yellows. Thanks for bringing the other side of the story to us.

    I believe Corrie was using double yellows as an example of people complaining too much.

    I hope the post hasn’t caused you any undue pain in recalling it all, but I believe it’s important we all share our side of things, maybe your comment will make someone stop & think before parking on double yellows again.

    Lizzie XO

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post and it really got me thinking! I see this kind of thing all the time on facebook and other such sites where sometimes it feels like people will make a drama out of anything and it turns into a post with 100 comments each one negative which then turns into an argument usually on the post! I think sometimes we really need to take some time away to think about what is really important in life! xx

  6. Thanks Jess I think that’s where the guest poster was going with it! It’s an interesting article for sure. Thanks for commenting! Lizzie XO

  7. Stay positive hun! I struggle with the negativity sometimes (especially on Facebook, or worse, on forums where people can post anonymously) but I’m trying to learn to take things personally or let it bother me. Tonnes of people are ignorant and disrespectful, but it’s rarely aimed at a personal level. And breathe….heehee
    Thank you x

  8. I am with you on this. I believe that some people have nothing interesting in their lives and they like a good old moan for no other reason than they are bored!

  9. I totally agree with your friend, negativity breeds negativity. Someone posted in a gardening group I’m a member of on FB and the comment was, ‘getting fed up of people asking others to identify plants’. This post immediately caused outrage and over 300 comments later, it was still going on. The funny thing was, the group is called Friendly Gardeners but you wouldn’t have guessed it from that thread! I did add a comment at the start and got annoyed along with everyone else at first until I realised that a) the original poster had done it to cause a reaction and b) I’d spent a good couple of hours following this ridiculous thread when I could have been outside enjoying the garden! Now I scroll past and share something funny that I know will put a smile on my friends and family members faces before sitting outside, admiring my lilies!. Life’s too short!

  10. Oh my goodness that’s surely what the group is there for! I’m really wary of groups like that now after I joined one for the new Holiday Village, one person did a similar post to get a reaction & people were so enraged (& I got so upset by it) that my husband said it was time to remove myself! I’m so glad I did. Ain’t no-one got time for negativity like that!! I’m glad I found an fb group that is so encouraging. Thanks for commenting XO

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