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This week on the blog, meal planning & supermarket shopping.  It can be a real chore.

I’ve found it’s so much less hassle if I sit down & plan out meals & then buy the stuff I actually need to make it!

Maybe I’m thinking about it too much (probably), but if I don’t think about it then our meals end up being a bit blah & I think food like most things needs a lot of love in it. The family can tell, I know it!

I’ve also spent too many moments stressing about what I have in my cupboard that I can’t actually make a meal out of.  I mean what can you make out of a tin of chick peas, pasta, flour & chicken soup? If you have the answer please tell me!!


So my Mum gave me a tip she used to use when we were little.

Write a list of everything, absolutely everything you buy, ever! Even down to scouring pads, mascara & the things you just don’t buy that often.  I’ve put mine into the order of the supermarket I go to the most.

Then on a Sunday evening me & hubs sit down & plan what we’ll eat that week & I go shopping on the Monday.

My hubby actually really likes to be involved in this part of the process! Just as long as he doesn’t have to do the shopping or cooking!

He likes knowing & looking forward to what we’ll be eating that week & so do I.  It really takes the stress out of thinking up meals all the time.

Then I sit on the sofa & I go through the shopping list & read it out to hubs who is in & out of the cupboards & fridge like a ninja with a yes or no as to whether we already have that item or not. If not I just tick next to the item & that’s my shopping list. Easy peasy.

At the end of the day I can’t keep tabs on every product or item we use in our ranch so sometimes I won’t have realised we’ve run low on toothpaste or soap & hubs will be more on the ball!

Two heads are better than one & I’m not wasting so much money buying the same thing twice or not at all!

I’ve typed up my list & have it saved on my pc, but if you’re into FREE PRINTABLES like I am then you could give it a go, in your own family style of course! Pinterest has loads of ideas on both Meal Planning & Shopping List organisation

meal planner

I saw this gorgeous free printable meal planner/shopper organiser on a blog I read regularly.

I don’t know about you but anything that makes my life easier is good for me.

Linking this post to It’s the Little Things on a Wednesday, thanks to Ashley & Jess.


Have a great day!

See you next time.

Lizzie xoxo

9 thoughts on “Operation Ranch Organisation”

  1. Thanks Kathy! It’s made things so much easier, & if I’m ever sick my hubby has the list to hand! I’ve started following you on Pinterest I love your boards. Have a great day L xx

  2. It sure does and have been doing it for about a year now, Lizzie. Thanks for following me on Pinterest and will check out your pages. Time vanishes when I go there 🙂

  3. Hi thanks for commenting 🙂 I love printables, enjoy it! I love Pinterest. I came across the link up in a happy accident & love the feel of it. Will go back & read & comment later. L xx

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