Pearl Lowe x Selfish Mother at the FMLY Store

It’s been a fabulous day Somerset way.  Today I got the golden (and very last) ticket to meet Pearl Lowe x Selfish Mother at the FMLY Store in Bruton.


When Pearl moved to Somerset

From the day I read Pearl and her family had moved to Somerset I’ve been dying to meet her.  I was so excited that someone so cool and edgy would move near us.

To me Pearl Lowe is a huge celebrity (and that she is with 39.7k followers on Instagram alone).  Back in the 90’s I loved indie; I wore DM’s and loved Supergrass and the bands in that genre.  The Verve, Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Sterophonics.  They were the background music to my pub crawl.  They were the headliners at my Glastonbury Festival.

Pearl’s husband is drummer and backing singer Danny Goffey of Supergrass. She has a grown up daughter; famous model Daisy Lowe (Lowe’s daughter with Bush singer/The Voice judge Gavin Rossdale), as well as three children with Goffey; Alfie, Frankie and Betty.

I LOVE that they had found their spiritual home here, and that they got married in Somerset at Babington House away from the bright lights of north London.  Somerset seemed to be attracting the people it is perfect for; cool and quirky individuals who are not afraid to be themselves.  Other people were seeing what we could see; living in Somerset gifts a free feeling essence you can’t put your finger on.  It allows you to be YOU.

FMLY Store

When I got the email that the FMLY Store were hosting a Q&A and launch (of her new kids cape range Pearl Lowe x Selfish Mother) I very quickly entered my details and held my breath for the very last ticket.  Confirmation.  I’d got it.  Insert lots of excitement here!


It’s probably not a big surprise really that she’s a completely normal and kind person.  A mum like me.  And I was just so EXCITED to meet her finally!

I loved her warm and relaxed Q&A with new Communications & Events Maverick Jess.  The thing that struck me is just how honest she is.  So open.  Pearl even answered the question I’d put in the pot “What is the thing that you love that completely distracts you” her answer was looking online for furniture and getting lost in Instagram!


I was so interested to hear that she’s more inspired here in Somerset than she was in London.  As someone who always thought you had to be in a city to get on career wise, this was great to hear.


She chatted with everyone after the Q&A, we talked about our youngest daughters.  Betty and Katie apparently have similar hair, long and with ringlets.   I had Katie with me handing out invitations to Lucy’s party (sorry mummies who have to explain that to your littles) everyone got an invite but I fear there is nothing for them to come to.



Pearl asked where I was from, when I answered Yeovil she said she comes to town often and loves the antique store (The Emporium). I said she should pop in for a cuppa next time she’s in town…do you think she will come? maybe not, but it’s polite to offer don’t you think!!? And you never know.

***New range of colourful kids sequinned capes***

During the Q&A Pearl walked us through the journey of wanting to do something for charity and not really knowing what or how (she is already a patron of Action on Addiction) and wanted to use her fashion design gifting.  After talking it through with friend Molly Gunn the collaboration with Selfish Mother was born.



Anything that has this heart and vibe is to be admired and supported wholeheartedly.  Obviously the fact the FMLY Store is in Bruton is AMAZING and I am holding out lots of hope for a store in Yeovil one day, I love their heart and ethos so much.


The sequinned capes are stunning, perfect for dressing up and for quirky kids like mine who have lots of sass.  I am in no doubt that they will sell out like hot cakes (which is why I ordered one on the spot).  Popular with celebrity and not so famous parents.


Apart from a colourful selection of capes on a rail and some photo’s of children wearing them, there was no hard sell, no sell at all in fact.  There is something very lovely about children’s sequinned capes, hand made by seamstresses in the local area.

I can see them all over Camp Bestival and Glastonbury Festival this year.  Free range kids just being themselves and having fun, just as it should be.

Katie loved the pink cape and she can’t wait until it comes in the post!

Thank you to the FMLY Store for holding the event. We wish Pearl Lowe x Selfish Mother collaboration every success, cheers to you all, I think you’re amazing. Raising money for some great charities and making our kids very happy indeed.  We’re big fans.




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13 thoughts on “Pearl Lowe x Selfish Mother at the FMLY Store”

  1. Those capes look amazing! It looks like you had a great and although I don’t know who Pearl is, I’m going to check her out now!

  2. These capes are so fantastic! Katie looks so lovely in hers. A fabulous invitation to use the imagination! Your excitement is so infectious – I feel like I want to move to Somerset now! (Am actually originally from Dorset!) So amazing that you got to meet one of your idols too! x #HappyDaysLinky

  3. I would love you to move to Somerset this is literally the best comment I’ve ever had, my work is done, come here!!! I’m originally from Dorset too, Shaftesbury. But I’ve lived in Somerset since I was 8 and it really is home now. I love it!! Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you come back soon!! xo

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