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Another new place to eat, hurray! This time it was a place for the whole family, Play at Brewers Fayre in Taunton.

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If you are the parents of young and spirited children you will know that eating out can be a hit and miss affair.  During our Centre Parcs Longleat Forest holiday in January we were so impressed that the restaurants had play areas for the kids, it turned our meal times into stress free and enjoyable times and a holiday that we loved.

When we were invited as a family to try the new Play at Brewers Fayre in Taunton we jumped at the chance.  We had a meal, drinks and play session in the brand new Beano themed soft play with a view to reviewing the facilities.

Brewers Fayre TauntonWe decided to sit in the Play area as it was lovely and spacious.  Really light and airy with a big window.

The area is very clean, brand new and very well laid out.  The kids loved running around, the soft play area is very big, quite high with two big slides and a toddler area too.  We were surprised at the capacity advertised but there were nowhere near that many children there, even with a birthday party on.

I was surprised that the soft play was priced separately as I would hope that buying a meal would be payment enough, but the meals are not expensive and also £3 per child isn’t a big price to pay for happy children and happy parents is it?!  I did think that 2 hours was more realistic time than 90 mins though when you think of the time it takes to have more than one course.

We ate starters and a main, we were too full for pudding! If I had my time again I would go for the Oreo Cookie Pie which looked amazing!

There are complimentary Beano magazines and crayons which helped keep the kids entertained and sat at the table when it was time to eat.
Play Food Brewers Fayre

I ordered the lasagne and Jon loved the carvery which also came with soup to start and you could help yourself to rolls and butter.   Our soft drinks were refillable which is a plus.

The kids ate from the kids menu, I was really impressed with the mix and match menu for them, you could order what you wanted with different side options, we decided on corn as sides for them.

Honestly I have never known the kids eat so much on a meal out. They literally ate the lot and when I asked my son what he thought of the food he said ‘yum’.  It takes a lot for my boy to say no to ice cream so he was really full! So I take it that was good, and the fact his plate was empty is a good indication too.

Overall we all enjoyed our time at Play at Brewers Fayre Taunton and would definitely go back, when the kids are happy so are the parents! I would recommend the pub even if you don’t have small kids, the Play section was completely closed off from the rest of the restaurant so other diners are not disturbed.

We had a great time.

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