Pump & Circumstance

There’s nothing like a hot bath after a hard day with the kids, especially coming into the colder months.

My favourites are Radox & I Love… I really appreciate the Radox Muscle Soak with Clary Sage. I find it really helps me to unwind after a long day & years of Radox know how has gone into the whole range.

The newer I Love… range came across my radar when I was given some bubble bath as a gift! I’ve since used the body creams, lip balm & hand lotion in various flavours (Strawberries & Cream, Raspberries & Blackberry, Coffee & Cream).

The I Love…Coconuts & Cream bubble bath just smells AMAZING & totally reminds me of holiday & the sunshine! Something we might all need as the cold days & dark nights draw in!

I’ve recently noticed that I Love… has also started doing a liquid pump soap. Exciting! I’ve always loved soap & used to collect soap in different shapes, my pink soap ballet shoes were my favourite when I was little!

I will always have a soft spot for proper English soap but the liquid pump handwashes are just so much easier, less messy & I think more hygenic.

I really rate antibacterial hand washes & have them at all the main sinks in the house in case I’ve been handling our kitten & after nappy changes.

The rest of the time I like abit of luxury as much as the next girl so I just had to grab the I Love…Mango & Papaya hand wash, I’m abit orange mad as its such an Autumn/Fall colour, it smells amazing, the orange colour really pops in the bathroom. Master H finds it easy to use the pump too, & loves the smell. Anything that helps washing little hands makes me happy!!

The overall appearance is really lovely, it has a high shine & the soap has a pearlescent & luxurious look.

It doesn’t have a high price tag though, you can pick up this pump soap (& the rest of the range) at either Boots or Superdrug!!

Some girlfriends admired it when I had them round recently, I like that you can choose a flavour that suits you individually & even choose a colour which fits your own tastes & colour scheme!

I would love to hear all about the brands you love! Comment below if you’d like to share your loves with me.

Until the next time friends.

Have a great day!

Lizzie xx

Nb This post is not sponsored & all thoughts & opinions on this post are entirely my own. L xx



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