Quick Q&A with pro-blogger Vicki Psarias-Broadbent aka Honest Mum


Today I’m doing a quick Q&A with pro-blogger Vicki Psarias-Broadbent aka Honest Mum.

Full time blogger, vlogger and film maker of critically acclaimed short films, Vicki defines her own version of success and I love her boldness, big heart and creative drive.


Vicki has become a friend since meeting at Brit Mum’s Live in London in 2015.  Vicki is definitely one of the people I count as a creative who totally ‘gets’ what it is I’m working to achieve.

Having lived in Bristol and visited Bath, Vicki along with her husband Peter and two children chose to celebrate Christmas in Somerset.  We chat about her love of Bath and the great times she’s had there with Peter and the boys.


Photo-of-Honest-Mum-Kids Honest-Mum-Kids-Running

I love the photo of the boys hand in hand with the twinkly lights.  I really think that it would be hard to beat the feeling and atmosphere in Bath at Christmastime.  Over to Vicki….


Why did you start your blog and what is the story behind the name?

I started in 2010 whilst on maternity leave at a time I felt, frankly awful, totally broken to be honest after suffering from a traumatic birth. The blog helped me rediscover my voice and was a vehicle for communication: a platform, it also helped me find a tribe of like-minded women online and it helped me become confident enough to get back on set directing, to see a therapist, move cities closer to my folks and eventually, make it my full time career.

The name came from my adoration of Jools Oliver’s book A Diary of an Honest Mum. The domain was available so that was that, I became Honest Mum. I am incredibly honest too, in a kind way I hope, but I’m authentic. I can’t do fake! I actually told Jamie Oliver his wife inspired my blog name when I collaborated with him last year.

What’s your morning routine?

Argh, on the two days Xander goes to nursery, it’s mayhem on a morning, sorting him out as he just wants to stay with me. He’s a total Mama’s Boy and is my baby!

Peter does the school run for Oliver which make life easier but we’re a team, doing breakfast, packed lunches, filling in homework books etc- and on the days Xander’s at home with me, he tends to sleep in and I do emails on a morning and catch up with work when he plays and we hit the park and have a laugh together. We call each other besties.

I miss Oliver by pick up and I try and get some one on one time with him too. I bought him new school shoes today and then we hit the local bakery for flapjacks. Life is busy, I work full time hours but in a flexible way which means a lot of late nights!

What does success look like for you?

Happiness, balance and security- and that means accepting and being happy where possible, when things feel unbalanced too, as that’s just life and it’s a juggle. Success is doing what I love and always growing, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It also means being the best me. I only compete with myself. I feel truly content right now so long may it continue!

What is the best thing about blogging/vlogging and being creative as your job?

It’s a democratic platform for all, allowing me to work in a liberating way on my own terms and time. Using my background as a TV director and filmmaker, I now tell stories digitally, on a smaller, no less powerful screen. I do hope to direct a feature film one day too, and I see this online world and the more traditional colliding in every way, as they already are. Nothing is linear anymore (yay), I have a portfolio career as a blogger and vlogger and I love the diversity and how everything is linked.

What is your pet peeve?

Disingenuous people although that’s heavier than pet peeve so let’s go with people who speak with their mouths full!

How many photo’s do you have on your camera roll right now?

I just deleted a load so 7.

Describe your favourite blogging moment?

I literally can’t just pick one as there have been so many memorable moments but above everything it has to be the emails I receive from other parents informing me that thanks to my blog, they’ve now set up their own e-businesses and blogs. Nothing feels more rewarding.

You’ve stayed in Somerset a few times, what did you love about your trips here?

I adore Bristol and Bath and even lived in Bristol for 6 months, after 11 years in London when Oliver was a baby. The people are so incredibly friendly, there, it’s a dynamic, creative city, and the group of new mum friends I made there, were just so big-hearted and wonderful. Bath is achingly beautiful and so serene too. We considered moving there from Yorkshire but have opted for Windsor or the outskirts now, with the big move happening this summer!

How would you describe your style?

Style as in fashion-eclectic I suppose. Vibrant and bold. I live in ‘school mum on the run’ style uniform in the say so hoodies or American Apparel/ Sweaty Betty gear for mumboss duties (drop off, writing etc) but if I’m heading to London or have shoot etc I love a floral tea dress and statement jewellery and I’m obsessed with Topshop’s new long cardis/coatigans. So much so, I bought three in two weeks! They are just so flattering!

What is next for you?

I’m writing my first book, which will be published by Piatkus/Little Brown and is out in March 2018 and I’m completely loving writing it. It’s going to be utterly surreal to see it on the shelves.

Blog and vlog wise, to continue working with brands I love and simply writing and filming, from the heart. I adore that the blog and my YT channel is a memory keeper, a digital baby/kid book I can reflect on, and will always treasure.

How to follow Vicki

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Photography courtesy of Honest Mum

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  1. I’ve been out of the reading blogs thing for ages ( I know!) but I’m back now and it’s lovely to hear Vicki is writing a book. I’ll look out for that one. 🙂

  2. She is just a real inspiration. Despite what she has achieved just comes across as totally genuine and willing to help others when she must have massive demands on her time. Great role model. Nice article. #ShareTheJoy

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