Rainy Birthday Party

Hey friends,

Master H’s party was all about outside play, it was all about the rainy birthday party.  That wasn’t the plan of course, but best laid plans meant of course it rained!  We are in England, the weather is our Achilles heel.

Trying my hardest to be Pollyanna about the situation, we got out every toy we own in the hope they would keep 12 kids happy for 2 and a half hours!

We’d hired a Peppa Pig Bouncy Castle and just before the party I could see lovely puddles forming on it, insert big big sigh here!!

I’m really happy to say though that none of my friends minded their kids playing in the rain.  The kids had THE BEST time making mud pies, playing in the play shed & on the bouncy castle in the rain.  So grateful to have friends who go with the flow.

Best rainy birthday party, ever!









We had the best time, thanks to all who came, gave a gift & made his birthday the best so far!

Until the next time friends, have a great day!

Lizzie xo


6 thoughts on “Rainy Birthday Party”

  1. Lisa @ foodandmotherhood

    Kids adore being outside. As long as they’ve got wellies and a hood!

    Thanks for linking up and happy birthday to your wee boy too

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